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The story begins:
FOUR YEARS ago yesterday, my Reddit post turned ~3 months and one week old. That Reddit post was about
what became the "pandemic" of Coronavirus,
before people were aware
it was the COVID-19
pandemic in the making. My Reddit post
was authored 12/2019 and pic here (originally published on is from 03/2020; mask mandate had not been in effect when this pic was taken.

I don't write or interact on Reddit any more; 4 years of Drumpf and Zuck's bribery to weaponize Giphy for an EVEN BIGGER WHITE SUPREMACIST HELLSCAPE, meant that even though it was 4+ years ago, most intelligent people I know had already left Reddit or were in the process of leaving it. I don't think many people who soft-quit Reddit went back. But hey -- a pandemic in the making needs people who understand trends and charts like the bored

/r/DataIsBeautiful Redditors do ...

Back to the story:
So, ~4 years and 3 months and 2 days ago, I noticed that the infection and deaths related to "that mysterious virus" (CDC data) were "a little unsettling" given our Republiscam prez at the time _hated_ Freedom of Information's FOIA and had unhealthy paranoia about letting ALREADY PUBLIC taxpayer info stay public. He tried hiding the WH visitor log, attacked Net Neutrality, and everybody he tried to hire either QUIT his cabinet.

Watch any of Rachel Maddow's videos from his presidency and you'll get the deets. See image attached to this message.

My pandemic-related thread was posted to the appropriate forum on Reddit because "data science saves lives".

Meanwhile ... ~ 4 years ago yesterday, I stood up in a room where this photo was taken, because the Navajo Nation member --
who is ALSO a Citizen of the United States and a voter --
was running for U.S. President against Drumpf and Joe B.

(Bonus event attendance means I got my copy of Unsettling Truths signed by M.C.)

When I stood up in this room where these two men photographed were _witnesses_ and told EVERYBODY present that I was rooting for Mark Charles, but wow, was he having a hard time gaining any traction interacting w/ppl. Because, gosh I noticed that his Ask Me Anything (AmA or I am a ____ doing ___ "Ask me Anything" IamaAmA)

had been DOWNVOTED NEGATIVE 350 POINTS on Reddit... (solemn nods)

and I was worried Reddit had turned the tide into full-fledged white supremacy?

When I stood up in this room and said:

"Reddit is white supremacist. Facebook is white supremacist. Twitter is white supremacist. So what are you going to do?" (My testimony and question was also consented to be recorded on videos and screens, and it was).

If you didn't before, do you believe me _NOW_ that FB is white supremacist?

If you want the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of TREASONIST white settler, look at "Zuck throwing everybody under the bus, to save himself." Forbes reported this in 2019. He THREW EVERYBODY AT FACEBOOK UNDER THE BUS (see screenshot) to avoid "personal" liability. Because he is a weak, spineless, morally bankrupt and IRREDEEMABLE and disgusting PoS who should have been thrown off Earth long ago. He bribed Drumpf's government 5 BILLION DOLLARS to get out of "personal liability" from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Because he only values HIMSELF and his nepotistic slaves.

GUESS WHAT? We are not hiring or promoting people who do that.

Looking at my blocked ppl list here and trying to remember why some of them got on there... I'm gonna say: it's because they were amplifying channels of white supremacist terrorist organizations (all of them organize on Facebook) in the same way they post their PR on Facebook. Be a real journalist and see thru that.

Facebook IS NOT THE NEUTRAL INTERNET, it is Zuck poisoning Kānaka Maoli of Red Hill in Oahu AND Navy personnel with leaking jet fuel bunkers so he can keep raping Chinese women.

I do not forgive people who try to overlook FB's evil for their own egos .. I was not wrong in my testimony, and 4 more years of "evidence": fentanyl deaths, civilians getting murdered on public transport and the ULTIMATE tragic evil he instigated thru mentally hacking Biden to get chaos and evil going in Palestine?

"Why does nobody listen to the writers?"

I am not going to "change my mind" about this testimony I gave Mark Charles and a room full of witnesses ... so please stop acting like it does not exist.

Side note:
indie has been an outspoken and registered INDEPENDENT voter almost ALL of her voting years. "All women should register and vote Independent". the

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