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Time to override dollar sign and replace w/more awesome country (underappreciated anticap)´s currency symbol... like the Bangladeshi Taka ৳.

Let´s switch the units to always devalue colonial dollaz, tho

one taka === 8480 colonial dollaz

Good logic for after barter would then be colonists still need 8479 takas (wait at least a day to xchg again) to acquire 1 hyacinth to "get started" making
-proof food raft.

This would work great.

¨You did what?¨

¨Created a quantum algorithm. And released it for free on the internet.¨


¨So facebook and its surveillance capitalism could not destroy things anymore.¨

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¨You are not a slave
to ur landlord.

You are ”not enslaved” to landlords.

Terrible programs, they are.

Do not be lulled into slavery for landlords.

Be not dulled by the rent-demanders´ dead suits; mixit up different ways, still same thing: dead mormons with too much money and all its weight. No accurate stories there.¨

Fascistbook holds bases of AirBnBs === traps (trapdoor spider murderlords landlords) snatch and catch all the gens of conspirators cycling thru bleakness.¨

People on :birdsite: who act like they are undercover crypto experts, LOL.

People active on :birdsite: lose 200+ social capital in our ledger. We no make room for capitalist slices.

People feeding people. We don't need permits to feed the homeless folks. I used to live on the streets and had to panhandled to feed myself. I'm off the streets now to help feed the sisters and brother who need support. Lighting sage for our Indigenous and Black relatives.

There is a fork of #Signal called #Molly that is available on @fdroidorg and is compatible with vanilla Signal

👁️Protects database with passphrase encryption
👁️Locks down the app automatically after you go a certain time without unlocking your device
👁️Securely shreds sensitive data from RAM
👁️Allows you to delete contacts and stop sharing your profile
👁️Clears call notifications together with expiring messages
👁️Disables debug logs
👁️Supports SOCKS proxy and Tor via Orbot

2012 Canoe Journey

Pacific NW Indigenous people going back to the old ways the traditional canoe. 7th generations taking back the old ways. Every year they celebrate and pray.


¨Yes, it can and does invest in fake people,¨ the warrior said. ¨No human exists that looks like that.¨

An audience member yelled. ¨What´d they show us? Profile details and age. Why´d the bidders do that?¨

¨Somebody has to start bidding her up. Is the colonizer´s default way these days,¨ the quiet voice replied.

¨What if no one does?¨

¨They bring out the really good looking ones to guilt the audience. Mitt Romney once said _binders of women to compare. For anything a man could want.¨

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Last night:

“Black and Brown lives matter yes?
@theactivatedpodcast More from right now where police are attacking activists that are demonstrating outside of an ICE facility.”

(Video: LauraJedeed)


We knew the dereliction of our native technology would be attempted by the new tech bubble barbies. Teenage boys are the same in every race.

More on the history of Ecosteader Mastodon. Project outset from the beginning that it would be an EVOLUTIONARY kind of project. We would never compromise integrity or adjust our messages for fragile white settlers.

The :birdsite: 💣 became increasingly hateful and retaliatory as the same ¨too young and stupid¨ SV bought

:birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite:

Someone with tweet account can go rescue a comrade from birdhellsite? They seem to be quintessential of ones we need to stop being tracked by twatter.

:birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite:

Getting all stressed out having to set up yet another network support and dev environment; realizing u already wrote the doc how to :black_sparkling_heart:

in this epic (epoch) time of loneliness and isolation?

Few people w/out vigorous background in corporate acquisition structures know that Instagram and FB being the same corporate entity has big privacy implications. Most smartphone app user are not smart biz guru. Smartphone app user fall to deceptive and coercive app permission requests, submitting more detail than needed to the , indirectly and unnecessarily thru .

You, as a separate entity, are still creating a universe in order to optimize your experiences.

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