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¨Both colonialist cash companies you mentioned here[1] are very very dependent upon Lithium ... their futures depend upon users being addicted to phones and other colonialist-directed devices.¨

¨It makes sense that they are attacking the Paiute and Shoshone grandmothers with the most Lithium to lose; understandable they tryin´ destroy you, too.¨

Hey ¨Indian Country Today,¨NO SUCH THING¨ as ¨Sustainability Accelerator,¨ near a NASDAQ or colonialist$ brand.


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Colonialism as the void between Narcissism and Capitalism.

"These two companies inflating their egos... during the last 3 weeks have stolen over $38,000 from the donation made to the Native American Rights Fund.

Most of the wealth earned by Native peoples is siphoned off and stolen by the white people in these evil megacorps. The spiritual future of anyone invested in them for appreciation is broken glass, schrapnel, and misery."

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¨We done tired,¨ said the whiteboy.

¨Surrender is your best option, whiteboy. Put down yer phone and look around:

All yer farmworlds are goin´ underwater. Yer fast food cafeworlds dun got pandemic viruses. You never learned the true cost of slaves and burned rubber highways up and down the mother for those huge plots!

Your corporate presence on Turtle Island has been ALL ILLEGAL OPERATIONS. ¨

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Colonizer social media
is not your friend.

¨These main street stores
here are the beginnings of
what the colonists will
turn into ´big market caps´¨
the Natives say to the

¨Whitemen with narrow view
tryin´ corral, march, follow, exploit us ... making
gold off our suffering!¨ he

¨He gonna be doing the same
thing 100, 200 years from
now, even when film gets
color or disappears entirely.

BEWARE the little blue f! ¨

Mitigating #desertification (cont'd)

Desertification is not unique to Saharan regions.

Time-lapse aerial photography can be an interesting way to "measure" the progress of efforts made to combat desertification. Over the last week or so, my productive work included source gathering; more than a few interesting things to add to the thread.

Let's back up a bit first: to desertification impacts on the larger global phenomenon of weather.

The 2017, 2018, and 2019 hurricane seasons (thus far) have all been especially active. While rising global temperatures are certainly a factor that makes it easier for hurricanes to form, there are other things at play, as well; namely: Saharan dust storms.

Under normal circumstances, the "dust" generated by these intense wind storms over the Sahara can take the oomph out of tropical weather. Clouds of hot, dry dust sweep out over the Atlantic, and often make it all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. This year, there was quite an excess of dust, but the Atlantic hurricane season itself still found a way to make strong storms. Indeed, it was a more active than normal season.

CAPE is the meteorological term some models use: "Convective Available Potential Energy from Surface".

So what mitigating actions can a population collectively take to prepare for severe weather?

A planting of regionally-intelligent ground cover is a good idea, especially where old-growth forests can be consulted.

"Slowly, the idea ... has changed into a program centered around indigenous land use techniques, not planting a forest on the edge of a desert."

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The colonialist cash-rich lifestyle created by Teenager Tech Bros Platforms, Inc is ... ugly. It wreaks havoc killing most flora and fauna o' Earth.

Why is nobody stopping it? Why do the good humans of the planet get bullied, silenced, oppressed, and killed so that the teenagers can both "get bigger" and also "never grow up?"

LACK OF RETAINED LEARNING IS NOT ADVANCED. SHRINK INTO YOUR DEATH. Shrivel up and accept your fate as the dead Metaman, as adults decap_itate all ur fascist nodes.

Solar thermal heatsinks, collectors, etc.

Put your deadest whiteman Meta Facebook phone off its platform and far, far away from any battery charger.

Done? Okay, now how to assist the native carbon bodies return to their best, pre-colonizer forms?

The sacred collections of energies "free from RCT" and working to restore Native Land Before Invasion? These are whom she meditates with each AM.

Fog nets really do work for areas lacking the relative H2O humidity; harvest fog like some very fine spiderwebs sometimes do, and like the rainforest does too.


@indie why is the site with kolektiva and social so uncollective and antisocial about this question?


Sugar is bad. Sugar is good? Sugar is usually bad.

Sugar is pure energy happiness, good? Bad when too much refined sugar in foods.

Stop feeding hummingbirds colonialist sugar!

Grow flowers, eat fruits.

If there is no bread eat cassava. Africans really confuse themselves. If there is no wheat, please eat cassava. Myself I don't eat bread. Museveni tell Ugandans, amid wheat shortages in #Uganda “This is a man-made problems made by our friends in Europe.”

Was this similar sentiments made by Marie Antoinette that led to French revolution? Does Museveni even know? 😀

I encourage collectives to look at how they challenge colonial labour divisions. Do the femme folk cook the meals & do the dishes? Do the racialised folk do the manual & janitorial labour?

Are the privileged people in your collective only bringing skills & capabilities they've secured through their privilege, or are they participating in whatever ways seem necessary to the group based on your situation?

Can't count the number of times I've watched a project fail because the 2 people willing to hammer nails weren't enough, no matter how many white people were willing to donate & make posters.

If someone asks you for help, give them the kind of help they ask for. Settlers are trained to only act if something is their specialty: reject that training and help wherever you can. We need experts, yes, but when the ship is under attack, even the cook comes to the deck.

This Teacher Appreciation Week, remember that the best way to make teachers feel appreciated is to properly fund public education and support strong teacher unions.

Technical Writers Without Borders asks ...

When somebody explains that they are an engineer is usually ....

¨"Maybe the better question we should be asking is ~ "why so many engineers? Didn´t engineers create most of the problems we have to decolonize from today?¨

¨Man, these .mqe signals keep getting better, and nobody hired any engineers anywhere. All we did was help em uninstall facebook from the elders phones! The documentation logic is great!"¨

"Thank you for saving lives.¨

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Technical Writers Without Borders asks ...

When somebody explains that they are an engineer is usually ....

If you're skilled with installing software on servers, here is a very comprehensive categorised list of services you can host yourself:

#SelfHosting #GrowYourOwn #HomeGrown

Thinking of Elon Musk buying the majority shares of twitter makes it a really good time to get a account.

Dakota Wind's map details a Dakhóta-Lakȟóta perspective of the Northern Great Plains using place names meticulously gathered from winter counts, oral tradition, interviews, maps, and books.

See the full interactive map at

The Decolonial Atlas was honored to help Dakota Wind start this project in 2017, and would be honored to assist any language keepers, elders, or tribal historians with similar mapping requests.

So Elon Musk is going all in on Twoetter ...

another Eurocentric language speaker

using his white privilege and patriarchal male wealth

promoting Eurocentric-thinktanks

repeating vain attention-seeking wannabe powerplayer oligarchs

buying market-sensitive hashtags

for their latest overwrought, overdone, overengineered, over-promoted and overthunk tech greenwashing "to be hyped".

Shall we now add $TSLA to malicious_inflated_caps.mqe ?


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