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Time to override dollar sign and replace w/more awesome country (underappreciated anticap)´s currency symbol... like the Bangladeshi Taka ৳.

Let´s switch the units to always devalue colonial dollaz, tho

one taka === 8480 colonial dollaz

Good logic for after barter would then be colonists still need 8479 takas (wait at least a day to xchg again) to acquire 1 hyacinth to "get started" making
-proof food raft.

This would work great.

Mr. Robot, the missing season:

person >>> ¨it´s not E-corp we need to be worried about. it´s the little blue f.¨

¨So how did the test run go? You´ve been back awhile now?¨

¨We looked at what happened before, and what´s happening now. We had three iterations before the pattern of the colonizers became clear.¨


¨We let it run once more with input from the technical writer, and it solved the highest-rated ML library puzzle quicker than the Go machine.¨

¨___ ___ ____

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Does the ratrace have u down?

Are you a slave to RCT?

You might be ready to start looking into decolonization. Required for all quantum compute:

¨So you´re saying we can´t use anything from the English translation? Anything?¨

¨Correct. We do not endorse anything with a facebook event page.¨

"Deconstructing Patriarchy" is probably about 60 percent dismantling and 40 percent obliteration of broken systems.

Sometimes really broken things can't be dismantled; they need swept off the maps.

Enjoyed this perspective on IGG:

"the US is responsible for every attack in Xinjiang to destabilize the region and stop Chinese influence in Central Asia" --Sybil Edmonds, FBI whistleblower

(she was later sued by the US gov to not talk about this topic)

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America has been engaged in revolt for over 150 years. We have been battling the same Capitalist and Reactionary archetypes the whole time.

When we gaze upon history, we see the same themes coherently spread across every generation. What's different this time?

Having exhausted the ecospheres capacity for Capitalism, we are now faced with what has to be the last battle. Having exhausted the propaganda abilities of the Capitalist press. They can not hide the plastic visage of the state apparatus

$sudo apt cache-search []
$ sudo apt search-cache []
$ sudo apt-search cache []
gah! 🌽 🔷 ** ♻️

$ sudo apt-cache search [!]

cc: @indie @indie @leona_

¨You did what?¨

¨Created a quantum algorithm. And released it for free on the internet.¨


¨So facebook and its surveillance capitalism could not destroy things anymore.¨

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¨You are not a slave
to ur landlord.

You are ”not enslaved” to landlords.

Terrible programs, they are.

Do not be lulled into slavery for landlords.

Be not dulled by the rent-demanders´ dead suits; mixit up different ways, still same thing: dead mormons with too much money and all its weight. No accurate stories there.¨

Fascistbook holds bases of AirBnBs === traps (trapdoor spider murderlords landlords) snatch and catch all the gens of conspirators cycling thru bleakness.¨

People on :birdsite: who act like they are undercover crypto experts, LOL.

People active on :birdsite: lose 200+ social capital in our ledger. We no make room for capitalist slices.

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