politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

So comrades all these arguments i keep having w my capitalist friend basically devolves into arguments about human nature and how humans are just fundamentally greedy & flawed & drawn to violence and control and it’s so ridiculous because you can throw literally the entire history of the human race at them but they still don’t want to change their mind. Why is capitalist thinking so obsessed with holding the worse possible opinions about humankind ?


politics, question- please reply if you can ! 


I would echo what @nurashimi said, the idea that our species is predisposed to violence and hierarchy isn't a justification for an economic regime. Humans are predisposed to all sorts of irrational impulses, but our impulses don't limit us. We make anthropomorphic symbols out of animals and shapes in the stars. We project ourselves into stories as protagonists. Our ability to do this makes communication possible, and deception too.

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politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

@mostardently @nurashimi

This person you're arguing with is just believing in a story that rationalizes the way things are. It's an ideological difference between you, but something you might point out to them. Ideology always has the role of justifying by way of "rational explanation". You could have argued that human nature justifies anything, really.

Our natural desire for rationality shouldn't limit us either. (see: your friend's limitations).

politics, question- please reply if you can ! 

@zoe @nurashimi this is so true ! idk people find it easier to deal in absolutes but like, talking about absolutes in terms of such nebulous and general concepts like, human nature end disposition is just askinggg for arguments haha and y’all are absolutely right, no matter what our natures are that should not justify inequality/control/oppression. that’s just a slippery slope

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