yall just follow me on birdsite i'm only ever on there now. at zoemalaxos

can barely commit to using this site. its not fun :/

i gotta finish my books so i can read "how to do nothing: resisting the attention economy" by jenny odell

seems on that same wave

i always wanna read more and write more on the subject of internet socialization and the way it evaporates counterculture

as a zoomer cusp its like, not that weird to have subcultural identity developed on discord or (back in myyy day) mumble or skype

"Despite being informed by billions, this new technological hegemony isn’t democratic; it’s a swarm-led form of para-governance programmed to maximize engagement while obfuscating responsibility for the social and environmental damage it wreaks."


via @evgenymorozov@twitter.com

took a full f*cking year on hrt before i experienced any body-related gender euphoria but. im hot now

I mean I feel this romantically (forever alone) but also politically (forever living with queers with bad gender politics)

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ghosted by a hot dj girl, first loss of the decade :(


The Soto Zen Buddhist Association are on thin fucking ice

The Unitarian Universalist Association are narcs,

Why don’t messages send as messages, why’s it have to be a post.

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