infighting dumbshit 

everytime i read MLM dookie takes on anarchism in the flavor of "damn hippies wont work" with the whispered part being "with me" i want to melt my face off...bro while you were studying the blade i was studying how to use it fhdndndn????

the fact that i use to tie my guts up in knots over what my employers thought of me. an illness. a disorder.

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normalize having sharps containers in every homes bathroom

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Squat Repression in Bristol
This is a statement from some squatters in Bristol, who had 4 squats, including 40a Space, Salvation Army mutual aid/social centres and Wonky Arrow Books, a radical library.

In the past days, we’ve had our buildings forcibly closed with anti-social behaviour orders, and we’ve been raided by hundreds of riot police. We’ve been b

cat poasts 

giving my cat encouraging head pets when she stims because something something not failing my kids the way my parents did me

white food culture/capitalism has me eating a chorizo bowl that is mostly quinoa and pickled onions but the trick is that i love to eat trash

tw friend conflict /gen /half srs 

ughhh what do you do when your best friend has political views that directly would get you killed

just cat poasting 

i grabbed my cats foot when she was stretching and she IMMEDIATELY immediately cleaned the whole leg. could i really be that fucking stinky to someone who poops in a box and wants to eat vegetable oil????

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Black Seed #8 

Black Seed: Issue 8 - A journal of indigenous anarchy | recently added to the library, read here:

sometimes i think masto is too smart for me but then i remember that my federated is 100% people speaking languages i dont, mostly coding languages SO

kinda wanna tell people i id as an egoist for my ptsd recovery because it works but

what do you do if the org you work with gets dogged on by edgelords but then there really IS a corny jelly-spined nerd in your org you wanna bitch abt. What fuckin then

reading exclusively cpstd recovery books + anarchist books/etc at the same time is really fun because the core of both is usually "its the people in power that abused it that should constantly tortured, not you. you should work on you and help your friends or else"

bitchin about tumblr 

i get on tumblr to see the funny pictures and reblog whatever the dykes have to say, and this shit causes me psychic damage

violence / gore jokes 

if you imply a relation to me you didnt earn i will have to bite you very hard until i hear something break, sorry but i will cover shifts

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i need a little sash for my next job thats like "dont do that weird ass family shit to me i have cPTSD"

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Everytime I see pnw anarchists being cringe Im thankful that I live in a city where absolutely no one thinks being an anarchist is cool.

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