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SSTV S2 Image received on 7.171 MHz LSB at 2022-04-26 09:07:40 UTC
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Looks like Kolektiva instance currently doesn't have registration enabled. Sooo I will have to find another instance with the right terms for vids to host. Would be pretty sweet if I had my own PeerTube instance and hooked it up to IPFS for vid storage. Some of these instances to choose from are limiting how much storage you get per account. Maybe I will make multiple accounts then.

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Is a good place to upload or mirror vids to? I'll try to take a closer look at it later. Just finding out of about it and it's a PeerTube instance.(?) I need another place that isn't telegram which also wont censor. Twitter hit me before with false copyright claim from just music played at a protest.

Minus 20 Urban camping in solidarity with the houseless. Handing out smokes and doobies lots of folks stopped by to say hi and get some supplies

-- Biden so far has not undone Line 3. He has not condemned white supremacy in this country. And he has not provided COVID relief [stimulus]. So we continue to demand those things under his admin because as we've been saying: Presidents Change But The Enemy Remains. These are things that cannot be voted away -- the job is not done. A new president is not going to meet our demands." /3

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-- bottom up to fight this and we're going to continue to do that. A state that relies on fascism [in order] to exist will never eradicate fascism. That is the job of the people. Today we continue our fight for liberation under the Biden admin because we understand that the passing of power is still power. -- /2

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Jan 30, St. Paul, Minnesota. Presidents Change But The Enemy Remains The Same, around 50 gathered to march and protest. Here a statement for the press: "-- obviously there is a new President in the WH. That doesn't change anything for us. Just because there is a Democrat [in the WH] doesn't mean the state can provide. The state is not going to root out fascism and the state is not going to root out white supremacy. It still takes a grassroots, multiracial working-class coalition [from the] -- /1

Here is my warrant canary. 

*** Declaration ***

Up to the present date, yelloehelmet has not been served with and has no knowledge of any warrants directly or indirectly related to yelloehelmet or any affiliated projects.
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The messaging for The People’s March was that militant, bottom-up action was required to meet our demands, not top-down legislation.

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