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We want to kick off the new year with these ideas on walls, bus stops, and boards. To help fund this we’re selling all 8 of our printed housing posters for £20!

Buying this will allow us to print another 80 posters to go up on city walls. DM us for free copies to put up.



One of the zines I picked up recently had a recipe for chai in it, so I picked up what was needed at the store and gave it a try.

It was less sweet than ones I've had in the past, but it was much richer tasting. Will definitely make again.

Not to brag, but I beat Santa in a game of rock, paper, scissors today.

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We have a urgent need of using the actual alternative tools at our disposal to protect our privacy, our data, our time spend, and our communications.
Those French laws is a warning to us all. They are slowly legalising the tools they had for years.

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