egirl? girls now have their own version of email??

I hate co-star it is a bullshit app. I hate that stupid ass table they label a natal chart, I hate that Do and Don’t list. I hate how they compare your same planet with other ppl and I hate the lesbian I went on a date with who thought I wouldn’t want to slowly browse a supermarket with her so we’d never work out after looking at our costar comparison. Natal wheel, wholesigns, astro dienst or fuck off bc shuttup. Also I love browsing supermarkets loser

Being sux, not bc of the not fitting in anywhere thing. It sux bc cishet men just really are such soggy bits of bread like omg why do your abs even mildly interest me 🙄

I can’t get over this.

As angela davis said, “Prisons don’t disappear problems, they disappear people.” Even as many people are demanding justice in the streets, justices for lives taken by the police, they’re neglecting the other side of what the police do—take lives away by locking them in a cage, stealing them from their friends, family, community.

Kinda creepy but good that the government here is testing sewerage and can tell ppl have Covid. Weird job, but important. Unrelated I’d rather an anal swab than nasal any day. I cannot believe Victoria only has one known active case!!!!

As an art therapist I must say when my clients don’t have remotely similar political values it’s just a huge bummer

People who can get pregnant need to decide abortion laws. The Poland protests are so huge, but the country is Catholic AF

From the bushfire smoke that kept my asthmatic lungs indoors in January to the Covid lockdowns much of 2020 I can say my ultimate achievement was using that time to complete watching all 6 seasons of The Nanny.

Mars just went direct. I’m energetic and horny

15 straight days of 0 new Covid cases in Victoria, so-called Australia!!! Great work

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