I'm so over the crappy Australian rollout of the vacine. I'm like not at risk, we are doing well, but I'm a healthcare worker and I can't get an appointment, I'd hate to think how fucking people at risk are feeling. I'm so livid

I thought I was bi, but maybe I am a lesbian FML, I'm going for queer because I fucking never know

I have this real shame over the fact that I butt in and cut people off when they are talking.

I tried googling why I do this but it was hard bc it comes up with mansplaining and power plays, but I'm more coming from a place of feeling like I'm not having a voice, like someone is lecturing me or I'm excited to say and thing and don't want to forget. I know I do it a lot like even just with friends. Its quite bad social skills and I feel like I can't keep this up.

Any thoughts?

Facebook incites genocide (nytimes.com/2018/11/06/technol), provides a white supremacist pipeline (theguardian.com/technology/202), surveils liberation movements for the state (theverge.com/2016/10/11/132438) and builds disinformation silos that target your racist aunt with shitty minion memes. Go volzucc.

5- or 10-packs of high quality black and blue on white vinyl screenprinted stickers, priced to sell in quantity to vandals and anti-surveillance enthusiasts. Free shipping.

Available at: etsy.com/listing/975931086/sti

I thought I was straight until I was 33 then until I was 40 I thought I was a lesbian. Plot twist, now I'm identifying as bisexual, who woulda saw that gem coming. The true biphobia is coming from within the building

Remember that time heaps of melbourne queers joined Mastodon then never came back, what a 10 minutes.

Is it my abandonment issues or is my therapist ghosting me?

Can the top 3 of RPDR #13 please be: Symone, Kandy Muse and Gottmik? Thanks

It's weird when someone at work who was being toxicly masculine was also laughed at for doing things like having a skincare routine and getting mani-pedis.

"Don't give the SuperStraits any attention, that's what they want, they'll go away..."

No, they are orchestrating a hate attack against trans people. And are using Exclusionists on the community to help them.

Get off your complacent asses, and fight back, or you are complicit in letting hate speach spread.

Its a bullshit dream that won't come true, but I wish that the porn industry would call porn with two women or AFAB's something other than "lesbian" porn. It is not lesbian sex, it is porn. Lesbian is a sexual orientation. It just actually triggers me when i see "lesbian" listed in porn. Like it makes me feel shit about myself and think about the bullying I experienced etc. Sex vs Sexuality. I'm just in a mood

When your friends give you advice and you didn't ask for it *I just die a little*

You know. Young zoomers. 16 year old zoomers. You can dress up like an emo. Hot topic is still in business. You can order from their site. If you wanna go back to 2007 so bad, live your truth. Do it. I’m serious

Trouble #11 - Destroying Domination: Revolutionary Feminism in an Age of Misogynist Reaction - featuring interviews with ZoΓ© Samudzi, Harsha Walia, La Marea, Tammy, Jaydene, Leila al-Shami and Sylvia Federici.


Queer Toxic Masculinity Rant 9 

Also Toxic Femininity isn't a thing. If you think it is it is actually part of toxic masculinity, it is just women being forced to be a certain way by patriarchial ideas of gender

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