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reminding myself that time is fake and if I am hungry I can eat any amount of any food regardless of what time of day it is

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Venus conjunct Chiron has me feeling anger and worthlessness remembering the last date I went on with a fat phobe. The joke is her remarks about being active, fit and eating healthy are all things I do. I think the worst moment was her horror when she saw me. For context I’m a 5’6” cis white femme woman who is size 16-18 on the lower half of my body and size 14 on top.

The harsh truth is I don’t see a het person ever being in my inner circle, I just feel the vibe is off

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“Victorian public hospitals could not prevent doctors from providing abortions under new bill”- Roe v Wade overturning is so horrible in the USA, in response this is happening in Australia to further strengthen our laws — theguardian.com/australia-news

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#fediblock r***meat[.]solutions

If fecal matter transplants are the new hot medical procedure is eating ass holistic medicine?

It’s no coincidence that the two witches won RPDR all stars all winners

Charlotte Laws the angry mum being a big force against the misogynistic Most Hated Man on the Internet is a perfect representation of Lilith in Cancer. I love that this doco was released at this time.

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If you secretly wish you were gay, You're very probably gay

Have you seen the preview for The Woman King movie? Holy shit, this is the history that needs to be taught in schools youtu.be/yaYogi3zzRY

There’s this online queer woo woo witch who like sends out a newsletter who I both admire and hate. In her newsletter one she talked about brain chemical imbalances and mental health. This week I’m vindicated bc research shows that “brain chemistry” doesn’t effect depression. So fuck off and talk about crystals that are unethically harvested witch

Having a mild bisexual crisis, not sure if I’m romantically attracted to any men, but I’m certainly sexually attracted to them. Trying to work out a label for that but who knows

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