Just a head's up:

If you run into leftists from Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, or Slovenia?

Send them at me. I'd like some local(-ish) allies to work with.

All leftists are welcome, honestly! But it's kind of lonely in this space.


@Komunalorg are very active
(and mostly publishing and less discussing, I think they need more active fedi-connections).

I consider myself also a leftist from Slovenia visibly most active as an artist.

@luka Yay! I'm glad someone's in the area. And I'll look into it, thank you!

@Komunalorg @whatanerd connections across the fediverse (federated networks, mastodon , pleroma, peertube etc..)

@whatanerd How about a Pole who lives in the US? If so, I'm right here :)

Honestly, the r/Polska on reddit is pretty much all leftist. The default language on there is Polish, but you can post in English there without fear :)

@FredBednarski I'm honestly open to anyone, so I'll happily accept a Pole in the US!

I'll have to check out the subreddit, though!

@whatanerd For Slovenians, you should take a look at @luka 's instance. Not all activists or politicians, but pretty sure they all agree with leftist ideals.
And well, I guess I am on the left, too. But again not an activist, just trying to be a good person towards everyone, and voting for the right person when the time comes. 🙂

@Mayana Amusingly, @luka already found me!

And it's fine if people aren't activists or politicians for me; I'm definitely more oriented toward grassroots and mutual aid work (also research and learning!).

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