For all the people who continually say that "watching a thing" or "listening to a thing" isn't praxis, I think they've greatly misunderstood what praxis is.

Not all watching or listening is praxis, but I see this idea either in or around media touted as educational.

But that is praxis.

Because you're doing something to educate yourself and (hopefully) you're thinking critically about the material you're engaging with.

Not all education has to lead you immediately to action.

According to Paulo Freire, praxis is a combination of reflection and action.

Without reflection, you only have activism; without action, you only have verbalism.

They do not *need* to be done simultaneously. They can be, but they don't have to be. You can take an action and then reflect on it. You can reflect on things and then take an action. You can reflect on things *as* you take an action.

And sometimes, action isn't possible; it's unsafe or requires other resources.

This last bit is important to remember, especially because we often feel really bad for not taking actions or wishing we could take actions.

And there are times where we should feel bad, but we know what they are; if we reflect on our inaction, we learn what we could've done. We recognise and learn our error.

So as a result, we do feel bad (regret) when we don't act. This is normal. And we'll probably take that action.

But sometimes we need more information, more education, to know when and how to act. And that's fine.

So it's weird to me when people creating educational material to make people think about situations, to highlight thoughts and idea, etc. claim that it "isn't praxis" to be taking in the lessons they've made.

Because it is, especially if you're reflecting on what you're learning and seeing how to put that into practice or integrating it into your own beliefs, which leads to actions you take.


Also, not all actions have to be really big, huge actions.

Disabled people have been saying this for so long, and it's why we often get frustrated by the "get offline" mantra (which also seems to overlap with the "this isn't praxis" crowd).

You have to take the actions you're *able* to make.

Writing is an action. Art is an action. Dialogue is an action. Distribution of 'zines is an action. Organising resources is an action.

Education is *both* reflection and action (especially outside current school models).

Learning is part of praxis, even if it's from non-traditional spaces.

Because you cannot reflect on anything or act on anything if you don't *learn*.

It's intrinsically tied together.

@whatanerd Thank you for this thread, it helped bring some of my thoughts about my own perceived ineptitude into perspective

@whatanerd Yes! Ableism still runs rampant in leftist spaces, and it needed to be tackled a long time ago. No better time to start dismantling this than in the now.

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