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I do not and never will use non fungible tokens (NFTs). None of my work will ever have a NFT attached to it. All of my Creative Commons licensed work is NON COMMERCIAL ONLY as it has always been. If you see any of my work with a NFT attached to it, it is STOLEN and I see NONE of that money.

Well, at least until I call my lawyer, that is...

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Hello world, I'm a photographer based out of the DC area. I travel and shoot, hence Wandering Lens.

I'm always looking for slivers of quiet beauty in our often cruel world. It's all there, you just need to know where to look. The camera is a mirror to help you see around those hidden corners.

Flickr / Deviantart: Wespennest
Twitter: @space_is_fizzy

Anybody that thinks left unity with tankies is possible doesn't understand that authoririanism, even under the guise of communism, is actually a right wing ideology. Stalin handed communists over to the Nazis and Lenin destroyed the soviets and sneak-attacked Makhno even after Makhno's anarcho-communist forces led the charge defeating the white army in Crimea, and without them the red army would have been utterly stomped out. This is the case because the authoritarian part will always trump the communist part. In fact the communist ideals never stand a chance of being implemented if an authoritarian regime is in charge of doing so. The only revolutions where any semblance of communism has been achieved have been led directly by the people as in Rojava. Tankies will always betray the left and show their true colors as being more aligned with the right than the workers, the anarchists or anybody that stands between them and ultimate authority. At every turn in history the authoritarian communists have turned on the left and have actually done more damage to leftist movements that those that are openly right wing. Left unity can only exist between those that reject authority. Because the authoritarian left is an oxymoron. It cannot actually exist.

450 gigabytes de vídeos, fotos, documentos y mensajes de chat de la organización neonazi estadounidense Patriot Front filtrados por #DDoSecrets y @UR_Ninja_tweets

Should also be noted that after the near murder of several anti-racist counter-protesters in June of 2016, Sacramento police worked with GSS in an attempt to ID and slap antifascists with Trumped up charges.


I would very much like to thank antifa deep cover mole Thomas Rousseau for assembling a massive tranche of the personal identification and BIOMETRIC TELEMETRY of almost every shitbag with neonazi and white nationalist affinity in the USA.


Speaking to some anarchist comrades in #Ukraine those who are not planning to leave the country are thinking about joining regional militia defense forces against invasion. #Anarchism

Today we give thanks that, 5 years ago, on the first day of Donald Trump's presidency, several hundred brave people converged at Logan Circle in DC to take on 28,000 cops—and fascists like Richard Spencer—in order to confront Trump's inauguration and demonstrate the tactics that millions would eventually be compelled to adopt against the Trump administration:

This is not a warning or a threat, but a simple statement of fact to every last quivering, quaking coward that showed up in Charlottesville: we're going to find you. You can run from your past but you're only going to be exhausted when we catch you.

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From left to right: Hayden Calhoun, Emily Rose Sykes (in stahlhelm), PAUL MICHAEL "SAMUEL VA" GANCARZ of Queens and VA Beach. OG proud boy and VA regional director of Patriot Front.

Some more words about radios
In a previous post, I went on about how radios are a fun and interesting hobby, and some pitfalls to avoid. In this post, I'm going to combine that with some photos I've shot.

Militias love radios. Nothing really stimulates the juices of the average Red Dawn aficionado like hearing "bravo six,

apparently tarrio just got outta jail. gonna skip mentioning the craven appropriation of Malcolm X, & go full speed ahead to the XYZ

Portland 2
Photos taken in PDX, 2018. Many in this series have become notorious for their role in other nazi terror attacks, including the failed January 6, 2021 putsch in Washington, DC.

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