it's always "postman this, postman that" but we never talk about pre-man

had to call verizon to ask them to send a new box and shipping label to ship my equipment back

it literally took two hours over the phone

im tired

mh+, supplements 

tried 5htp for the first time

i feel like the most appreciative robot

this shit is so weird but in the best way

i decided "fuck it i'll watch this webinar" just to see if it helped with my mood

it definitely did

apparently tooting is the best form of to-do list i can make, i wouldn't have done half my tasks already without it πŸ₯²

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what s surprise, turning on ambient music and blocking out the world helps me get things done

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oh and

- finally get in a comfortable spot using obsidian while finding a third-party workaround for sync

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ok here's all the shit i need to do today:

- dishes/clean living room
- vr stuff
- write
- produce
- research the shit i need for my car
- budget for the next 5 days

will i do it all? or will i stay in bed all day avoiding responsibility again?

thankfully it took 8 months to get to this point, i feel usually at in-office jobs you'll get roped into something within a month lol

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i didn't think i'd be able to be involved in work drama while working remotely but here we are

called out of work today bc sick

i actually feel a million times better than yesterday but there's no way i'm working, i need a break

"the russia-ukraine war is really causing a lot of major problems that are felt worldwide"

nancy pelosi:

looks like it's another


anywhom im tired as shit and still have stuff to do for the night πŸ₯²

dunno why but getting a phone call from one of my friends that i talk to everyday is such a great highlight for the day

slept like complete garbage last night

today's gonna be a great day even if i have to force it to be πŸ₯²

it's called an elbow because it connects your L-bones

isn't it

c'mon you can tell me

luckily it's the ac condensate pipe but unfortunately it's the ac condensate pipe

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