oh ok don't worry, one of the design goals of USB4 is to "minimize end-user confusion"

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and DO NOT get me started on the male/female plug nonsense. i will say that saying dick/pussy plug doesn't help even if it is less of a strict gender binary

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USB-C, as much as i love charging my phone and laptop from the same cable, i such a UX nightmare.

trying to explain to someone that the printer uses USB 2.0 Type B while the external hard drive uses USB 2.0 Micro Type B, the phone uses USB 2.0 Micro Type A. And Type A was "default" size but now we have Type C, ahh but is it 3.1 gen 2?

to top it off i just saw a USB-C 2.0 cable it's time to sit and stare at the wall for a few hours

any serious reasons i shouldn't use my dodgy seedbox provider as my VPN? They aren't promising any fancy "no logging" policy but then again PIA is just as sus (except they advertise on StreetBeefs which is... a plus?)

I know i miss out on fancy apps but honestly if i can't do openVPN on my router (thanks AT&T) nor wireguard on everything (thanks PIA) then maybe just basic configs + ufw rules would be fine?????

wait there's a longer version of Fanny and Alexander?

why the fuck would i want a guaranteed mortgage if i was too poor to get a voluntary one? just more lines of flight to get fucked

the confidence with which non-tech folk describe their tech problems should remind us that we all feel in control until our beloved process breaks down. Nobody feels stupid because they're using a Chromebook even if you think they are.

i figure it should be a humbling experience for everyone but who's got time to be humble in this economy?

why can't i just tell Tax Dept that i used all my profits on business-of-the-self reinvestments (future food, future shelter, clothes to not be ostracized from the economy)?

They can tax my non-economic affects of course! there's no reinvestment value in those, Bataille will tell you.

still remember being shown compiz by my brother in 2006. my pirated Vista RC never felt so clucky

LoRa on a Pinephone so i can turn off GSM and use it as a walkie-talkie

discovered the natural synthesis of terf mindset and cop culture

the literal gender police

should i just get a dedi box and use scripts (looking at this Yuno Host thing) or upgrade seedbox into their "has plex" option?

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every week I thinking about renting a 4TB managed box with plex and seeing how many friends and family i can get using that over the other streaming services.

Anyone got any links/experience doing this?

exconfidential leak release 

#Samsung Global Marketing Center Documentation Dump

Dump of a lot of documents related to the design and operation of the samsung . com website. Including various marketing strategy documents, documentation of their analytics as well as various other documents.

Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ca1abbcc25
Trackers: newtrackon.com/api/stable?incl

Size: ~3G

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