ja pierdole ale na tvnie się spuszczają do usa teraz podlizusy jebane xD

na zaprzysiężeniu jona bidona był śpiewany Woody Guthrie hshsjskshsnsbkaksheyshsbdb xD

I have met wonderful people in and learned so many important things. Its a big loss for the anti-authoritarian movement. - , : Autonomous factory Rog evicted -> enoughisenough14.org/2021/01/1

do you think Facebook will ban me if I start posting graphics with conspiracy of fire nuclei symbols? I mean theoretically it's promoting a terrorist organisation xD

moja cała gmina dostała przydział szczepionki na koronwawirusa 5 ampułek tygodniowo xD

We should all be paying attention to what the state is currently setting up in relation to going after the far right.

The tactics they are using all derive from the tactics sets that are employed to target insurgent groups, like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

These tactics rely on 4 main pillars, all of which are present in this context.

A heads-up: we are releasing a major report on bigoted/far-right/fascist violence in 2020. Look for it on Monday.

Madonno, Czarna Madonno, Jak dobrze Twym dzieckiem być! O, pozwól, Czarna Madonno, W ramiona Twoje się skryć!

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