Today, hundreds of New Yorkers showed up at the Jackson Heights Library in Queens for a joyous community defense to protect Drag Story Hour from the far right.

Though harassers and violent fascists showed up -- including Proud Boys and known Nazis -- they were vastly outnumbered and humiliated by our incredible display of love and solidarity.

We sang, we chanted, we made noise, we played music, held banners -- and let the fascists know that they were NOT welcome.

Instead of relying on cops, antifascist community members helped escort families and performers safely from the library.

The Drag Story Hour itself was a huge success. It was filled to capacity with kids and their adults. We are grateful to them, and to the performers and library staff who refused to be intimidated by the far right!

Thank you to all the New Yorkers who showed up today. Together we let the world know that NYC will continue to stand up against fascists when they threaten our communities!

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