Just finished this wonderful, thoughful, piece from some accomplices (I have a cringe reaction to the word comrade) in Atlanta.

This piece delves into how the inability to address the tensions between insurgency and escalation ended up creating a situation of frontal conflict around the Wendy's occupation, which became separated from the terrain of everyday life in which the uprising is occurring.

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@tom_nomad thanks for sharing this.

What a weird vibe I got from the clipboard guy.


Yeah, that story was specifically odd, and illuminating. Can't ever remember hearing about anyone doing something like that outside of liberal events...

@tom_nomad right, it seemed super co-optive and like...intrusive? Very weird. Are you atl local?

Of course! Let me know if there is any more analysis stuff coming from ATL!

@tom_nomad I live about three hours north but yeah I will. Try to keep on top of local and semi-local stuff, you know?

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