Operational security is always something we are all trying to get better at, everyday.

Do you have suggestions?
So far, I've come across MeWe (vs FB), Vimeo (vs YT), Proton (for emails) and, of course, Mastodon.
They seem sufficient for that social media click buzz...
None of it beats boots on the ground work though!
Hope to meet you on the streets friend. We'll give you a nod.

For messaging I always recommend Signal, Briar or Matrix. These all serve slightly different purposes, but can all be used at once for encrypted communications.

I also always recommend people use a VPN or Tor. For VPNs I would either use Riseup VPN, which is free, or NordVPN, which takes cryptocurrency payments and can be set up anonymously.

Nothing beats good operational security. Solid opsec can be supplemented by tools, but tools cannot fix bad opsec.

And, yes, I also hope to see you in the streets one of these days

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