🦝🦝 Rock Against Racism Update 🦝🦝

We are adding online ticket sales so we're holding off on the announcement until enabled. We expect to have online sales enabled by mid-week.

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@igd_news someone should make a zine about de/un-arrests

Just a toot about chewing bubble gum and teasing yall about a Rock Against Racism Mutual Aid Benefit Show happening later this summer,,,, and we're all out of bubble gum.

We'll be announcing the line up on Monday. Some Renoites might pee a little.

Let's be honest here. Pro-lifers don't give a damn about a baby after it's born especially if the baby is not white. The pro-life movement is nothing more than the patriarch looking to tighten its grip of control over women.

Abortion is a right!

Reno Punk Rock Flea Market 2022 is something to write home about. The Generator's new location is huge.

Lots of rad people, sweet merch, and punk rock. If you missed out today, there's always tomorrow.

Good morning everyone (except fascists). We're getting ready to roll over to the Generator for a rad day. Hope to see you there.

Nothing to see here except a friendly reminder about this weekend.

Our friends of birdsite/@FamilySoupReno will be tabling right next to us at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market this weekend. We'll be right by the skate ramp.

Stop by for a good chat.


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