child, wondering where trash goes: well someone must have thought of a good solution for all this

adults: we put it into very large holes and then put dirt on top

child: even the plastic?

adults: especially the plastic

child: oh my god

@thetrakynia not that I'm advocating landfill, but if it's done properly, it can act as a future store of raw materials.

Of course, it's not done properly.

@spyro @thetrakynia

I have some options on future yields in a rubbish mine that i would like to offer you... :D

Child: what if you run out of room?

Adults: Burn it.

Child: Even the plastic?

Adults: Especially the plastics.

@ultimape @thetrakynia
Child: There's a lot of trash that doesn't get collected. What happens to that?
Adults: It gets flushed into the ocean.
Child: Even the plastics?
Adults: Especially the plastics.


Say hi to the Precious Plastic Universe!

The alternative plastic recycling system run by (brilliant) people around the planet.

@realcaseyrollins @thetrakynia i was going to mention the burning. many if not most cities will burn at least some of the trash in large incinerators.

@thor Worth mentioning also that plastic recycling is pretty much make-believe (few cycles and many common types can't be recycled even once or few places actually accept them). Maybe it gets turned into a lawn chair on the way to the landfill though...yay...

Just making the stuff in the first place is harmful too.

@thetrakynia yeah, i've heard about the problem. a lot of the stuff we wrap in plastic could be sealed in glass containers with a lid instead. or metal cans, if they can remelt those.

@thetrakynia @thor oh yes

inside eu, certain mixings of plastics are illegal since their production but especially their presence (disintegrating) is really bad for the environment

however, one of those types can be easily and cheaply produced from freshly recycled plastics

if you guessed these basic plastics would be shipped to china where they are turned into that which is illegal in europe, you were right
also, it ofc gets imported back to europe
that much on efficacy of european laws and *not* leaving holes
@thetrakynia tbh that sounds like exactly the sort of thing a child might like to do. Or maybe the other way round... Dig in the dirt and find trash
For example, and I worked this out a few years back, so the numbers won't be exact, but the entire world's plastic output for the next hundred or so years, would fit in a relatively shallow (like, 10m deep) hole about 3km square. Or something.

What we really, seriously need right now, though, is to stop burning fossil fuels.

And I'm afraid the answer isn't popular. The only tech we have that's ready NOW that can step into that gap, is nuclear.

If we started now, then in 15 years, the world would be a dramatically better place.

Sally, I doubt I will live long enough to see it.

@thetrakynia to be fair there's effectively unlimited places for us to put garbage. There's a *lot* of land without a water table worth worrying about.

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