fascism, patriot front, pnw 

no, cops did not save the town of coeur d'alene from a bunch of fascists. cops will always present themselves as the heroes of any story

patriot fail are bigots but they're optics obsessed so they likely would have just marched for a few minutes before scattering as cowards. cops did not prevent a massacre

we protect us from fascists

cops are not our friends

fascism, patriot front, pnw 

@thetrakynia I’m trying to assess why the police did anything at all after years of piss boys doing whatever the fuck. For example, is this a generalized change post J6 or does this signal something else?

fascism, patriot front, pnw 

@Morrison_Dare from what i've heard coeur d'alene has gone farther to the right so i wouldn't count on cops there doing this sort of thing regularly

of course they probably didn't even know it was a fascist group before they stopped the truck. with the crowd watching/filming they knew they'd look bad to let a bunch of obvious patriot front guys go

fascism, patriot front, pnw 

@thetrakynia lol, yes, they do like those scary optics but I recall a small cohort showing them out of Philly when they did a flash mob. Lol. Interesting take, thanks.

fascism, patriot front, pnw 

@Morrison_Dare yeah, pf is known for leaving cities in a hurry once people actually see them marching. i'm not convinced any of them can throw a punch

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