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This is a generalization of course and there are individuals who certainly do care about what they're making and wish they had more time to polish things (and were allowed to leave out all the janky nonsense).

Sometimes using the modern web just makes it feel like everyone straight up forgot how to program around 2005.

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Remember, applications and websites aren't janky because your device is 'slow'.

Companies simply prefer to have their programmers and designers throw together the most cursed software imaginable and then immediately move on to the next project.

If a person can barely stand to use something but does actually continue to use it because they can't find an alternative that's considered a success.

person: 'this is a good podcast, you should listen to it'

me: 'how does one extract an mp3 from this website...?'

Thinking about how fucking annoying it is that poor people have to be good at everything we do or we will literally die meanwhile rich people who have 'important' jobs are so fucking incompetent and inept at everything they do. Like this shit isnt cute or funny.

The hoovervilles of the 30s and the tents in the cities today have the same cause - poverty caused by state and capitalism. The cost of housing relative to means to afford it under capitalism is what causes homelessness.

Politicians love to hide this under talk about mental health and drug addiction, but there are rich, housed people with mental health issues and addictions.

Make lib politicians say what they mean when they disparage the homeless, make them own that they hate the poor.

RT @INMutualAid
Yesterday, South Bend, IN:

Seven Proud Boys disrupted Rainbow Story Hour event at Tutt library.

They harassed the presenter, event organizer, staff, and library patrons until police were called.

Any assistance IDing them would be appreciated by SB comrades. 1/4

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It's so absurd that people are still suggesting that we should work with politicians or hope tech companies protect their users with regard to bodily autonomy like those approaches haven't repeatedly lead to dead ends and betrayals.

You only have the rights that you take for yourself. No begging, no apologies.

Are you ready for the incoming new #oldcomputerchallenge?

Last year it was about using an old computer with single core and 512 MB of memory for a week.

This year, I'm still thinking at the exact rules, but it will be the connectivity detox you need. Remember the old RTC modems times when you paid internet access at an hourly rate? Maybe you never experienced it as you are too young, it's not too late to learn :flan_cool:

How would you organise yourself if you only had one cumulated hour of internet per day for a week? :flan_evil:

More details soon :flan_hacker: :flan_hacker: :flan_hacker:


Remember, words don't work on fascists.

You're not falling for a 'trap' by physically confronting them. That's what they're hoping you _won't_ do. They like when people preach non-violence because it means they can do whatever they want.

The average fascist is actually terrified of meaningful mass opposition. If cops weren't on their side they'd just stay home.

The fight for bodily autonomy will always be a fight against the police.

This is based as hell - Austin TX Police DEcruitment initiative. Their efforts include posters to paste up around places pigs and potential pig recruits frequent, to encourage them to quit or not apply.

More of this, please!

Something that people who have never been poor don't understand: Being broke _is_ a job.

Not having regular access to housing or the means to add convenience to your life makes just existing within capitalist-friendly car-oriented cities a constant chore.

If you're burnt out about the pandemic, burnt out about Capitalism, burnt out in general from all this crap, it really is okay to say "I don't have the energy to tackle this problem." It isn't like you can pull out a box of "give a damn" and suddenly make yourself not burnt out.

Anyone who asks of you more than you can give is isn't a friend or ally, just a dick.

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SCOTUS: Voting is now illegal

Liberals: We'll see about that in November, buster

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my perspective on: being trans and drag 

drag is neat I guess, I've never done it. makes me uncomfortable to be associated with it just because I am a trans woman, with the implication being that I crossdress and that's what is in common? Don't bully or exclude drag which is unmistakably queer, but also don't equivocate it with transness please? Since that has hateful implications for trans women.

Don't police pride and its respectability regardless, pride is a protest, a riot, an unmitigated expression of pluralism, and 🏳️‍🌈 is not yours alone

film trivia 

David Cronenberg (yes, the director) is in the movie 'Jason X' (yes, the tenth Friday the 13th movie, the one in space).

Next time you're talking to a film enthusiast you can break their brain by relaying this information.

Low bar, but this is one of the better articles on how proud boy/far right organizing in Portland grew into the attempted coup on January 6th

Things that might not be obvious to someone learning to draw, paint, sculpt, etc (stuff I've had to re-learn multiple times):

You don't have to make something look realistic for it to look 'good'. Making the artwork stylistically consistent with similar shapes throughout the composition and directing where the viewer looks to important spots by using lines, contrast, and saturation is enough for something to be visually interesting and appealing.

Leftists want to turn your mom and pop luxury golf course into a gay sex forest for queers

Related, when you take a break from something that seemed like it wasn't working at all and then look at it later and realize it's actually turning out pretty well...that's nice.

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