If we're going to have a revolution, let it be full of music and dance. I've been collecting instruments to share with my commune-to-be for some time now, being lucky to find people often giving them away for free or cheap.

“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.” -Emma Goldman

"This is much bigger than us living and existing more ethically. It's about building communities that actively challenge capital and the state every day. Many among us today are already growing our own food, homeschooling, ready to defend ourselves, and practicing compassion in ways that resist capitalist ideas about how to structure daily life."

-William C. Anderson, The Nation On No Map

Doing the work to build something better can help a lot to overcome the hopelessness of existing in this system. Learning a survival skill, connecting with a new like-minded comrade, sharing a vision and seeking the people who will understand and support it are all positive steps.

It's rent day again for many of us. Another day of giving away our hard-earned money to pay for someone else's mortgage or to add to the riches of some investment firm. The system is made so that a very few can become land owners (of land that should never be privately owned), forcing the rest of us to orient our entire lives around paying them. I'm not going to keep doing that. It's time to liberate homes, businesses, communities, and people from the demands of capitalism.

"Could there be anything more demoralizing than having to wake up in the morning five out of seven days of one’s adult life to perform a task that one secretly believed did not need to be performed—that was simply a waste of time or resources, or that even made the world worse?"


What are you all reading? I'm just about to start The Nation On No Map (akpress.org/nationonnomap.html), which still says "preorder" but I received mine in the mail a few days ago.

How are you celebrating today? I'm spending my day working on arts and crafts projects using tools and materials that were being given away by folks who don't need them anymore. There's already so much all around us that just might need some cleaning or repair or repurposing. And the experience of doing something or creating something or saving something is always the best part.

In order to destroy an effect you must first destroy the cause. If there is theft it is only because there is abundance on one hand and famine on the other; because everything only belongs to some. The struggle will only disappear when men will put their joys and suffering in common, their labors and their riches, when all will belong to everyone.
-- Marius Jacob

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Today, many people around what is now the U.S. will celebrate Thanksgiving. For many Native people, however, it’s a day of mourning.

If we do not learn our past, history will continue to repeat itself.

And it's also because of our love for the people. We must take care of each other. Stay safe out there!

Just for fun ... a short story I wrote about working life in the so-called United States.


"We will create a society where there are no rich or poor, no people without work or beauty in their lives, where money itself will disappear, where we shall be brothers and sisters, where every one will have enough." Sylvia Pankhurst


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