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If you're here cause I peer pressured you on instagram, welcome!

Have a read of this ❤️

Despite all my rage, I am still without RATs or a wage

The raised Jewish to horny queer catholic aesthetics appreciator pipeline

Micro-dosing heterosexuality by not having an orgasm today

Micro-dosing certainty by listening to the same song 117 times in a row

Micro-dosing being out at a gig in Melbourne by blocking most of my view with a pillar

Micro-dosing a sense of control over my destiny by getting way too into skincare

Micro-dosing my attempted heterosexuality era by yearning for queers but having none near me

Micro-dosing certainty by dissociating on the same patch of floor each day of lockdown

One person breaching lockdown and spreading COVID? That's a selfish fuck

But a whole super-spreader event of them? That's a clusterfuck

2021 Census: “where were you born?”

You: *answers*

Census: *randomly assigns you a country of origin*

[Like even the ass-hats who don’t give a shit about trans people can see how this is bad data, right?]

Just letting you all know that as of last night I'm born again*

*have been assigned a gender outside of my control for the second time

Referring to non-binary people as AFAB or AMAB: boring, places them within a binary they are specifically not part of, enables TERF rhetoric.

Referring to non-binary people as ARAC: acknowledges the inherent randomness of gender assignment and power of institutions to dictate it, kind of sounds like something you might name a sword, jazzy.

Petition to start correcting them to ARAC* any time someone starts unnecessarily specifying whether a non-binary person is AFAB or AMAB

*(Assigned Randomly At Census)

Do you think the people at the census will spin a fun little wheel to pick out non-binary people's new genders or is it more of a "draw from a hat" type situation

In terms of my attempt to be mysterious and unknowable, the fact that history will record me and most of my lovers as roommates of randomly assigned genders is a good thing, actually.

Them: Non-binary

Me, an intellectual: ARAC (Assigned Randomly At Census)

If the census is going to randomly assign non-binary people as either male or female, the least they can do is tell us which one we got... I wanna know if I got bingo

The "generational wealth" to "successful creative career" pipeline

The "you liking 5 of my posts in a row" to your fingers in my pipeline

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