Cissexism/trans erasure in birthwork 

I finally got around to reading a book my trainer gave us all back in 2017, since she was included in it (it's a collection of advice to new doulas). While she as a teacher used gender inclusive terms throughout, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this book was overwhelmingly written by women who think only women do or can give birth. Some definitely feel blatantly TERFy as well. Kinda wishing I hadn't read it now, honestly. :/

reason 2 wear masks even after covid 

:verified: be like other countries, wear them when ur sick :dragnheart:
:verified: conventions. sick of yearly con crud? wear a cute mask :dragnheart:
:verified: wear them during winter and avoid flu! maybe even help end the flu epidemic itself!! :dragnheart:
:verified: don't let genetics control ur face. make face look how u want it with Mask Power :dragnheart:
:verified: defeat government facial recognition :dragnheart:

It’s not even noon and children on the screaming bird app are upset about bi/pan people not being in relationships that visibly read as queer like bby words mean things what were you expecting

@GuppeGroups does still attempt to boost anything you ask it to boost, even DMs. However, it doesn't share the content of those messages, so only people who properly have access to the messages on your profile will be able to see them

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I've released an update to @GuppeGroups so that it properly processes deletes (that was my bad I thought it was covered by Undo at the time) and it no longer shows any posts on the web profile, which inadvertently allowed people to circumvent Mastodon's privacy policies

Cis people are all, "Trans rights!!" and then never correct their friends that misgender trans folks.

I’m looking for submissions for the next issue of my zine, “Transvestia”. This issue is focused on the intersection of fat and trans/nb bodies and experiences. I’m only taking submissions from fat trans/nonbinary people!

I accept all mediums — art, writing, music, even videos! The deadline is Jan 20th 2021. Please email me at or DM me if you’re interested. And please share!!

Some quick notes about I noticed already when doing a test post (might be instance specific, idk):

1) The space for image descriptions is limited to like 120 characters, which sucks.

2) Similarly, photo captions can only be 1000 characters.

3) I don't seem to see a space to edit the caption after posting?

I see a lot of potential, but it's still rough around the edges. Looking forward to what it becomes, though!

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Just found out there is an anarchist Pixelfed instance, so I set up a new account there! It still seems like it needs a lot of work before it's really active, but for those of you missing the photo-centric style of IG, it's worth a look. You can see the instance (and follow me if you want) via:

Even if it's not super active now, I like having the account for the future (esp once they get an app)!

if you;re nonbinary stop scrolling and read this 

you're cute

I don't know who needs this, but here's a livestream for the great conjunction later (still over 40 minutes left til they start)

Looks like Amazon is retiring the Goodreads API, which just another step towards basically abandoning Goodreads and folding it into some other Amazon service I guess:

My advice? Get off Goodreads while you still can (ie export your content) and move over to StoryGraph:

A black-owned startup finally developing a viable alternative to Goodreads. Fuck yeah!

(Why not LibraryThings? Because, guess what.. it’s also owned by Amazon!)

Free support for folks who are grieving 

"The Mutual Aid Mourning and Healing Project is an effort to support people who are struggling with loss during this time of isolation. (...) We know that video conferencing and chat apps have their limitations, but we also believe that no one should have to grieve alone. There is no cost for this assistance."


The Fediverse has a lot of blind or partially sighted members who use screen readers to listen to posts. Large groups of emoji make life difficult because the reader reads aloud each emoji's text description back to back.

✅ You can make your posts more accessible to blind users' screen readers by only using individual emoji, and avoiding large groups of emoji.

For example 😃 is fine but 😀 😆 :bloblaugh: 😁 👍 😃 😜 🤗 :blobcatcoffee: causes problems.

#FediTip #MastoTip #Accessibility #A11y #Emoji

(2/2) Yes, just plain ol' . My kinda-partner suggested we get journals for the new year, to get into a habit of tracking goals and also just getting things out (and sometimes sharing). I love this idea so much, and I've countered with an idea to get smaller journals that we can change from seasonally, to tie in my desire to connect more with the seasons. I realized this will also be a way to share the mundane without feeling like I HAVE to share online. Really hoping it helps!

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(1/2) I wish I could remember who I saw say something about this recently, since I forgot to boost the toot, but I've been once again thinking a lot about how we are pushed to share EVERYTHING online by social media sites. And that's not to shame anyone for doing so -- share whatever! -- but it also can get some of us stuck in a cycle of needing validation for everything we do. I hate that feeling, but I finally thought of something simple that might help me personally combat it: .

There's no way to communicate in perfect safety because there's no way to exist in perfect safety. At least that we're aware of.

Know the risks of "private" communications on here (OP did well to point those out) but ALSO those of whatever "private" communication alternatives you prefer.

In Signal's case, end-to-end encryption is long as 1 end isn't left sitting unlocked where a rando can read it. Or isn't being unlocked by a cop who tortured someone for the password. Or, or, or.

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