can folks who are following me comment and give me a quick intro if you're comfortable? i can't figure out/don't know who's who, although that shouldn't be a surprise to me anymore lol.

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@thecomradecloset I followed you from insta, on there I was Lycaenope and I am following you from another mastodon account on a different instance with the same use name. I don’t think you were following me on insta so you probably still won’t know who I am lol. I’m from the PNW and interested in how to build community outside of capitalist frameworks.

@thecomradecloset hey bb. I'm sure you remember me from insta>tunglr lmao 🥰

@thecomradecloset I followed you because I used to follow your account on IG and liked what you were posting there. Sorry if this is not meant to be the same/a public account, I'm not quite used to the etiquette here yet.

@thecomradecloset hey!!! this is golden they/them - non-binary femme trans person, crip wizard, herbalist, abolitionist

@thecomradecloset hey i’m jesse, i don’t know you personally but i love what you share on your ig account and am super glad you’re here!

@thecomradecloset Black non-binary Anarchist living in the Bible Belt of so called United States. Clinton, Cotton, and the Rockefellers have directly destroyed our communities here.

@thecomradecloset Hi, I follow you on IG, and found you over here when I started to migrate, hope that's ok! White cis female (she/they) in CA. Haven't quite figured out where I fit in on Mastodon yet but so far really loving the level of actual discourse that seems possible, happy to be here :)


Hey, Colin here. Another follower from your IG account (I follow there with a different handle). Made the move over here as part of the new ToS boycott. One of those most hated of creatures: a white cis/het male 😬 trying to get the hang of mastodon and connecting with fellow leftists on here.

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