#OtD 6 May 1937 400 Black women tobacco stemmers went on strike in Richmond, VA. They were joined on picket lines by white women textile workers. After 48 hours, they won better pay, a 40 hour week and union recognition

#OtD 6 May 1968, the first street clashes of the Paris May uprising took place. They began with anarchist and radical students and culminated in a general strike of millions of workers and mass factory occupations. Books and reproduction artwork here: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

Putin-regime has new campaign publicly naming famous dead Swedes as Nazis or Nazi-sympathizers.
They've got... 2½ of 4 correct.

• Astrid Lindgren, most well known worldwide for Pippi Longstocking, was actively antifascist, with main theme of the written stories being explicitly antiauthoritarian. I'll attach a picture I made in 2016 as a non-literary, on the street example. Absolutely NOT a Nazi or any kind of Fascist.

• Ingmar Bergman, movie/theatre director, has publicly stated to have "admired Hitler" for a decade, but also already during WW2 actively anti-Nazi through plays and movies. Later also generally antiauthoritarian though same.

• Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, was a member of two actually Nazi parties. Later claiming it was just "being confused". Was also severely anti-labor union, strike-busting and used forced labor.

• King Gustaf V was a personal friend with explicit Nazis, threatened to abdicate if Nazi-Germany's troops couldn't transit through Sweden to occupy Norway and sent private letter of thanks to Hitler, mainly because hated Communists and wanted Communism banned.

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