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“BT’s chief executive Philip Jansen, who received a 32% pay rise last year to £3.5m due to bonuses and share awards, has said the company cannot afford to sweeten its staff deal”


So you're telling me to vote for the party that allows "anti-choice" politicians into it's rank. To Codify RvW?

So you're telling me that the party who has a majority, cannot codify RvW?

So your telling me that the party who promised to expand the Supreme Court. Just isn't going to?

And you have the audacity to tell me to donate my hard earned money. When they won't even raise the minimum wage?

Why should anyone support you?

Democrats are grifters....

I sip my morning coffee as I look out my front window. The neighbors lawns are getting knee high and overgrowing with briar. I mutter, "yes, yes" into my mug as I go full sicko mode.

Bodily autonomy also includes ending forced sterilization, which is still legal and regularly ordered by judges in 31 states.

I have created a warrant canary for

You can use the above key and this tool to confirm its authenticity


Prisoners in are calling for a phone-zap after a wave of protests on the anniversary of the murder of . "There have been hunger strikes, fires, prisoners attempting to fight off a half dozen or more storm troopers..."




NEW exclusive from me ⁦⁩ :

Planned Parenthood left marketing trackers running on its search and scheduling pages that shared IP address — and, in some cases, selected method of abortion — with big tech companies.


@meena @commiequeer Undercover cops posing as people wanting to buy drugs to bust dealers

In a world of abundance, famine is not a natural disaster. It's a crime against humanity that has perpetrators. And if millions of starving people isn't top news, the media are accomplices.

cool introductory article about (and by) Gypsy, Roma & Traveller people in the UK and Ireland, and their history and cultures:

Drilling equipment sabotaged in Calgary.

“We want to let the contractors and benefactors of this project know that we hold them complicit in the colonizing violence of this pipeline project. They are not safe from us on or off the territory.”

I don't say this to contribute to paranoia needlessly. But please take the time to tighten up once in a while.
While dealing with state repression, here is the first thing I read that actually helped me think rationally about the real threats I was facing. Link to the full article here:

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sorry for just responding with a :blacker_heart: - im pretty busy these days. thank you for your comment. and by the way: i love how you write. cheers

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