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stressing the power of having some info on your profile. just a few words, a clue, something? read as: you won't get a follow back without a profile pic and some text

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Hello I still kinda exist.
Also, the pig station in my neighborhood has a little neighborhood library box. What would happen if I put a bunch of anarchist lit in it?

black trauma 

asked a yte classmate who posted Elijah McClain's last words without commentary or context what the purpose was. He said no purpose other than to keep people angry. I ask if there is a better way to use his privilege than to perpetuate black trauma. so far left on read.

Every modern film has a text message or social media montage

Anyone else having a case of the Monday’s something big

My cuz keeps trying to get me back into fighting kali, but I'm disinterested because I experienced so much sexism and bullying at the last dojo I was in

Pulled from the bird site. But it raises a great question. Why is it every time someone talks about raising the minimum wage, the argument is a cheeseburger will cost $20? When In N Out has one of the best burgers out there for a price that beats all of the major fast food chains.

US pol 

They sure are spending a lot of money on protecting ... buildings.

vince staples said
"why hate yourself when u can hate the opposition?"

yezzir we on it

No Cops! No Proud Boys! No President! 🏴

Date: Wednesday, Jan 20th
Time: 10 AM
Location: Fremont Park

@anarchist_environmentalist Please remember anarchism is about maximizing both our collective wellbeing and each of our individual freedom. If you aren’t spending enough time doing the things you love and enjoy please try to fit them into your day. It isn’t selfish to spend some time on yourself, its the anarchist thing to do. (2 of 2)

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Pandemic really showing me who’s who and what’s what. Tolerance for bullshit is low. If you believe in survival of the fittest, you’re out


the person that taught me how to sing died of a respiratory virus today and that’s just plain fucked

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