KC Homeless Union is fighting the good fight right now. They've been occupying City Hall in sub-freezing temperatures for several days.

Please donate via Cashapp $hugyohood or drop donations off at 415 E 12th St. KCMO

Items needed: food, hand warmers, cold weather sleeping bags.

I brought over some hand warmers, thermal socks, and instant oatmeal.

To send a message to city hall, a newly formed homeless union in Kansas City is camping out in front of the building — and they say they're not going anywhere.

Qadafi, who goes only by his first name, is the spokesperson for the Kansas City Homeless Union. He said people experiencing homelessness do not have a seat at the table, and they're fed up with city officials making decisions for them without their input.

"The best approach is a direct approach," Qadafi said. "We can form our own union and deal with people directly."

The group wrote out their demands, including one solution that would use funding to buy Land Bank homes for transitional and permanent housing and employ people without homes to bring those properties up to code.

"This is a city problem, and it can be fixed with the same money that they passing around with they friends, hooking them up with a program," Qadafi said. "People don't even know us, they don't even talk to us."

They also call for more places to simply take showers and wash their clothes.

"There's no water fountain to sanitize during a pandemic. There's no place for us to go take a bath," Qadafi said. "The city bragged about them providing over 700 porta potties for the Super Bowl parade last year, but during a pandemic, they have none nowhere."

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