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Struggling to make an post for some reason. Here are some tags and things.

My pronouns are he/they. I'm an AMAB Demiguy, so it's OK to gender me and it's also OK not to. My skin has very little melanin due to my imperial colonialist ancestry. That and my AMAB-ness are my main privileges. I'm also able-bodied but my brain...I can pass as NT, but can't get DX'd bc poor in the so-called "US".

Some of y'all need to look up the St. Paul Principles and take them to heart.

You know who you are.

Listening to people on the radio talk about quarantining and working from home for the entire past year while I'm in the car, commuting to and from my physical work job where my boss doesn't wear a mask and listens to internet conspiracy rants without headphones in is getting pretty old.

Nobody ever puts "same height as Bob Avakian" in their bio.

Wonder why.

MH, - 

Havin' a shit time in my brain, folks!

KCPD Attack & Injure Qhadafi Labor Organizer & KC Homeless Union Delegate 03192021 - YouTube

now valued at working for 4.5 years at a full-time, minimum wage job.

now valued at 0.000000985212166667% of the cost of the 'War on Terror'

The common thread of this week's smearing of ARR, and last week's smearing of Robert Evans is authoritarian apologetics and bruised egos.

Remember after the BP oil spill when people started saying you shouldn't boycott BP gas stations because it hurts small businesses? Justification being that the gas stations get more money from snacks and stuff than from the gas itself?

Anyway, fuck that.

MOLLE and ALICE are named after women because women carry all your shit all the time.

Carry your own shit, TRAVIS.

Everything you buy is made by people, and those people are getting fucked.

How 800 Million Pounds of Himalayan Salt Are Mined Each Year | Big Business - YouTube

Finally took care of all my follow requests.

Sheesh! Some people make it pretty hard. Just put up an avatar and write some freakin' posts so I know you're a person and not a bot/asshole, please?

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