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explicit kink/sex whatever 

when we're huddling around a trash fire behind the barricades, i will continue talking about how i want Hellboy to fist me till i pass out

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X said they think some supermodel is hot and they'd let her step on them... honestly i'm really uncomfortable with them being so public about this and i just don't think they should ever be allowed to have a Position of Authority in the movement (by which we mean a halfhearted FNB chapter)

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i find the paternalistic frowning-upon of sex drives in left-ish radical circles, especially queer ones, fucking bizarre

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Apparently is being flooded with ‘AliceXXX’ user bots that send auto DM’s to random users.

Please report if you also get these so we can suspend them right away♥️

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is it possible these two women selected a beautiful name from a historic source, given they are capable of accessing and engaging with literature?

no, that's much less likely than the standard queer naming convention of smashing syllables together

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straight people are so funny. a full year after my fiancée's name change, [family member] texts me to ask if her chosen name, an extremely famous name from Greek myths, is in fact from those stories. until now, i guess he just thought we plucked it from the air?

boss walked up while i was talking about anarchist book club, told her my friends are into 'applied sociology'

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'Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri (which means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory” in Norse) represent not simply female assistants but “perfect” females. These assistants blush when they hear sexually explicit language, apologize that they are unable to make a sandwich, and generally behave like some men expect a nice woman should.

In an age when women and minorities are “misbehaving” and demanding fair treatment, AI is reinforcing stereotypes.'

my ridiculous white family 

my grandma is a person who can't let anyone have anything!! and it gets more chaotic every year

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cultural appropriation, my ridiculous white family 

one of my aunts has lost all her hair due to alopecia, which was distressing for her, and she's started wearing all sorts of hats and homemade head wraps to cover her head. she looks nice!

however my grandmother has taken this new development to mean grandma should consider 'dressing like an African woman' and is in the market for the kind of wraps Black women wear. i'm praying she forgets about this particular inspiration soon

i am suspending all men from this instance called Life

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one time i asked a man if he had received permission from the clinic to accompany his partner and he held up his left hand to point at his wedding ring

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another day, another man shouting at us because he doesn't believe his wife should be able to come to a medical appointment without his supervision, oh wait i mean 'support'

what an odd thing, engaging with a 'leftist' group that you happen to know from an inside source is an actual cult

also, in less boat meme news, my wife's friends are all coming out as trans and my heart is so happy

i have developed an emotional connection to the boat

more opinion-having about leftism 

"The pacification achieved by democracy often directs us towards a fetishization of violence. And although pacifism is an irremediable weakness, aggressive attitudes can assume an exaggerated importance in our circles." Josep Gardenyes

this is most related to the first post of the thread, but this is a nice way of phrasing my concern with internet leftist rage which is v in style at the moment

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capitalism fosters innovation which is why underwear that fit the way i want them to are $50 a pinkwashed pair, and not shippable to my country

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