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it must be a little odd as a counseling/psych professional to see everyone rapidly defining and redefining terms like 'gaslighting', sharing infographics that inform the audience how to spot a gaslighter or abuser, frequently not even using consistent terms

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is it disorienting to anyone else that fash and reactionaries keep using the same playbook with shit you learned to spot and reject years, even a decade ago

child abuse 

james dobson and i are gonna have a nice private chat about what he meant when he said that children should produce tears of genuine contrition

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like yeah death to the billionaires and the landlords but i am specifically going after the televangelists who target vulnerable seniors

for the first time since working here, i just watched a person turn around and walk away after reading the giant THIS IS NOT A COVID TESTING SITE sign on the door. i feel like i just gazed into the slightly-better timeline

my being the kind of obsessive prepper who has road salt year round enabled me to be so passive aggressive to my creepy neighbour last year

when there's strife in the radical collective and you feel like your family's divorcing all over again

"The problem's not that the truth is harsh but that liberation from ignorance is as painful as being born." Naguib Mahfouz

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“Actually I’m just the lead button pusher at Baby Stompers Inc but it’s ok because it’s in the household appliances division.”

Look, whatever Craig. You work for Satan and your labor funds the baby stomping. Just own that shit and say “I wanted to stop worrying about rent”

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let a hundred people into your mansion, chrissy. let them in.

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chrissy teigen is posting about terracotta heaters, i already can't cope with this decade

it's not just that i missed out on an early introduction into how computers actually work - i'm aware of all the 'for beginners' material out there that i could use to catch up - it's the freezing lack of confidence from being taken away from learning because my worth is measured by reproductive labour for my brothers and future husband

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with every passing day i am more furious with my mother for preventing me from taking computer courses in hs because 'computers are for boys' - and enrolling me in a cooking class instead so i could make better lunches for my brothers

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The city of Minneapolis is starting to put up The Fencing and jersey barriers around all the government buildings and police stations here in prep for the Derek Chauvin (George Floyd's killer) trial.

I am once again asking the rebel alliance to concentrate attacks on the empire's forces in outlying solar systems where they are most vulnerable.

(photo by @/daviss on bird app)

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DIY emergency candle/oil lamp 

I know a lot of the US has power outages right now. Here is one way to make an emergency oil lamp; I use a half pint mason jar or jam jar, a 100% cotton T-shirt for a wick, some wire to hold the wick and some cooking oil for fuel. Vikings used canola (rapeseed oil) and Romans olive oil in their lamps. I used some solid copper electical wire striped of insulation. Twist the wire around a chopstick, slip it off, make a wider base. Put the wick in add oil, light.

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poor political analysis i can handle, but if you text me links with no context you are on a list

also how do people have time to watch all these videos? i get sent a documentary recommendation like once per day and i couldn't keep up if i tried

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