i put one of the shoots of my pilea peperomioides (chinese money plant!) into a pot and now it's just a silly little stick coming up all by itself

police dog violence, in poetry 

from a poem called Dissolving Lines by Firebrat


fediblock, islamophobia 

I might be behind the times on this but cawfee.club has at least one frenworld nazi, multiple sockpuppet accounts that only have one post, and...this?

found these super-posi shoelaces at a thrift store yesterday. they're so cute!

i am at all times trying to find excuses to put Brown Bird lyrics on things

there's a tumblr called unplaces and the creator just posts random snaps from google streetview. i've been using them for practice

thanks princess Di, i have decided to exclusively eat cookies, sleep, and engage in acts of public nudity


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