child sex abuse ment - surveillance, pol 

Isn't it amazing how politicians only ever seem to start caring about child sex abuse everytime they want to introduce blanket eavesdropping of all communication for all citizens of a region? Like, this whole #ChatKontrolle / #ChatControl thing isn't new - it's recycled garbage that gets pushed until it's put in place. And it's always either "to fight terrorism" or "to fight child sex abuse". And practice has already proven it to be very unsuccessful at either task.

catholic church, child sex abuse ment - surveillance, pol 

"To prevent child sex abuse, all encrypted chats of our citizens must be monitored via #ChatControl"


"Oh, there's a bunch of child sex abuse happening in the catholic church? We'll trust the church to sort that out."


catholic church, child sex abuse ment - surveillance, pol 

@kescher shit is also heavily linked with criminalizing/surveilling sex work. most 'child safety' bills will include huge portions dedicated to criminalizing adult sex workers or making it harder for them to screen potential clients

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