Wondering if anyone has some shorter introductions to anti-civ thought that they'd recommend to me - or the opposite of anti-civ, if that's a thing! I moved to [redacted major city] and every anarchist here is very matter-of-fact about being anti-civ, and I don't really know what that's about.

@tansyfeuilles check out "Take What You Need and Compost The Rest" by @margaret. But also depends on if anti-civ is more primitivism leaning than post-civ

@BV161 @margaret i'd like a little bit of everything, just to get a quick handle on it. my first introduction to the term was on tumblr and it was overwhelmingly negative, largely directed at the term/general idea, not specific writers, practices, or works

@tansyfeuilles not really short but things that you could dip into as you find useful.

- Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets. Earlier parts of the book which talk about myceliums relationship to the ecosystem. It's not a big jump from there to see that cirtain forms of life cannot be domesticated and that agriculture is ecocidal.

- bolo'bolo by PM. Skip the intros unless you read the whole thing and want more. A thought experiment that focuses on life at a post-civ scale.


New dark age by James bridle. The sections on conspiracy and kids YouTube really hit home but the concept of "computational thinking" that is developed throughout the book is helpful for understanding what this machine we call civilisation is.

None explicitly anti-civ but I think all provide good foundations in different ways.

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