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opinion-having about social media leftism 

my relationship with other 'leftists' has become way less frustrating since i stopped using reddit and discord for anything other than gardening.
i used online leftist communities to feel less alone, but the tendency always seems to drift towards doomer/acceleration mindsets, and incredible amounts of hostility. whoever is the most acerbic and radical wins the subreddit for the day, and whoever's the loudest takes control of the discord server.

being a person of pussy experience who consistently fails various tests of correct pussyhaver expression is interesting, especially because the tests are similar whether i'm existing in tenderqueer culture or attending mennonite thanksgiving dinner

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i expect there is something to be analyzed about how online radfems insist that i am a man, and simultaneously notice myself and others being ostracized from non-men leftist spaces for exhibiting too many manly behaviours, and my religious family has commented on how i might have more of a man's spirit

a year ago i told hospital admin that the anti-maskers were a safety risk and got told 'nurses have a dangerous job too'.

now, at least once a day we deal with someone belligerent enough to require calling security, and my safety complaints are a running joke among the admin.

someone is going to get hurt! and it will not feel good to say i told you so!

hospital visitor left his extremely high-end car running with the doors wide open, so i... got in and moved it. dude didn't even notice that his car wasn't where he left it when he came back out

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A coda to the Guardian's shameful bigotry - the UK editors didn't /just/ cut that segment of the interview, but also spiked an entire series of trans articles - again from the US staff - "Gender Now":

i'll leave all this here for a bit, so that anyone looking for answers can find my contribution easily.

xoxo, gossip girl ♡

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lastly, i have been on hiatus from moderation for at least a couple months! i haven't been receiving reports nor managing/deleting posts. it would be a mistake to suggest that i chose not to moderate certain posts - i had no power to! we have the rest of the mod team to thank for deleting semi-sensitive information promptly.

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when people are fighting across instances and alts, it's not doxxing to take a look and see whose alts quite evidently belong to whom. that's a LONG way from publishing legal names, addresses, et cetera. i would know, as i have had fash come to visit my loved ones irl.

i see a distinct difference between the two things, and my actions reflect that. future trying to ~expose~ someone in public in an effort to get them defedded isn't what i would have done, but there's a difference!

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so, folks are saying that i supported doxxing while being a moderator here, which is a pretty serious charge!
luckily for me, everything i've said and done can be found in my posts and replies. i stand by my decision to talk shit about people being foolish, but you won't find support for doxxing here - because there is none!

i suppose this would be upsetting if i weren't literally perfect, flawless, above reproach in all ways,

one thing i really like about my irl anarcho-leftist-whatever group is that they have shown me the importance of controlling ourselves even while dealing with the worst of bad actors

in other news i am getting a no-gender haircut from a trans barbershop and i'm so excited to have the first haircut in years that i didn't do myself. still gotta look like a girl bcs work, but at least the experience will be nice!!

i've been on tumblr long enough to recognize how this shit works and lemme tell ya, it is a lot less compelling after having been on tumblr long enough to recognize how this shit works

i am absorbing information and having further thoughts about the information

sex work, blood, no violence 

sex work is fun because sometimes you get paid for sex and sometimes you get paid to help bandage a dude on blood thinner after he starts bleeding profusely all over everything including you

gotta say, comrade, i'd be more enthusiastic to work with you next time if you didn't make me repeat my 'no' four times in one day!

the way tumblr lets you call-and-response to yourself with text posts and tags cannot be done by artfully using cws on mastodon. i have to talk to myself like everyone else and it kills me

i worked in a greenhouse and i vow revenge against flowers 

we used to put slightly mutated flowers into each other's bundles as payback for greenhouse-related crimes

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i worked in a greenhouse and i vow revenge against flowers 

gerbera daisies mutate all the time, like they're not even a cause for interest in a greenhouse unless they divide into quadruple flowers, and it makes me laugh when people take pictures of ~Fukushima flowers~ when it's just gerbs who must gerb

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