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i just asked a tiny child if they wanted a sticker, in response they shouted NO! and farted. i think we could all learn a valuable lesson from this boundary-setting

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opinion-having about social media leftism 

my relationship with other 'leftists' has become way less frustrating since i stopped using reddit and discord for anything other than gardening.
i used online leftist communities to feel less alone, but the tendency always seems to drift towards doomer/acceleration mindsets, and incredible amounts of hostility. whoever is the most acerbic and radical wins the subreddit for the day, and whoever's the loudest takes control of the discord server.

nah bro, don't be silly bro, listening to Dancing On My Own on repeat for 48 hours isn't 'indicative of emotional dysregulation', chill out bro

some dude just walked into the hospital wearing a snorkeling mask. when i asked him if he had an appointment he started screaming that he 'had a mask' and he had the right to be in public space, then charged past me. love my job

i'm deeply apologetic that i want to have a conversation with fembo that's more nuanced than banning them, and i am even more apologetic that i would check with other moderators to ensure that subconscious bias is checked. truly, i am a monster

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so sorry y'all i will just walk away from my irl job and sort this out, shouldn't be a problem. i realize that by not waking up other moderators in the UK and other countries at 7pm pacific time yesterday, i have clearly chosen to condone everything my user has said and done, or something.

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Because maybeeeee
You're gonna be the one that saves meeeee
And after aaaaaall
You're my free speech waaaaalllll

hello i am a kolektiva mod
i realize there has been some significant conflicts in the last few days, more than one so i won't try to fit it into 500 characters. i want to clarify that kolektiva moderation is aware of this and i've reached out to a number of people who are involved, to try and figure out what we can do next.
i've asked some folks to step back for the night, & i personally am going to rest for the evening. DM me if you need to and i will respond when i can

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Los Angeles, hostile architecture 

17/32" socket wrench works on the nuts/bolts on bus benches

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if a kid comes up and asks me why i'm not wearing a pink shirt i'm gonna feel that deep shame that can only come from disappointing a child

babe i don't want to cuddle, i need to click a bunch of anti-civ links i solicited from my internet friends so i can understand what my irl anarchist friends are talking about. you can bring me dinner in my study, thanks

Wondering if anyone has some shorter introductions to anti-civ thought that they'd recommend to me - or the opposite of anti-civ, if that's a thing! I moved to [redacted major city] and every anarchist here is very matter-of-fact about being anti-civ, and I don't really know what that's about.

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(1) We had a new helper the other day being a badass and folding clothes. They said "so, whats this all about? What do you do"? And I said, "well, we aren't a church or a non-profit, we're just some friends who do this out of our house." And he said, "so, you just do it out of love for the world, that's what's up".

Friends, that's what it is. It's love for our friends known and unknown. It's caring that you got fresh vegetables, and non-expired pantry items, enough food to feed your family and not make weird ass meals. This is what it looks like to make food boxes out of love. This is what we mean when we say solidarity not charity.

me, picking and choosing which parts of history are 'history' because personally i find linear passage of time to be limiting and rude

sometimes i am trying to write ONE sentence and it becomes violently clear that i used to be an academic and still don't know how to talk normal

i look very hot and it's an injustice that i cannot dox myself by posting selfies

shaving my head in november gave me dangerous levels of confidence

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when we talked about building hard skills what we meant was going to the park and learning to throw rocks real good

gaslighting is an incredibly useful term/concept but i just saw an infographic on Instagram explaining that if you doubt yourself, you're probably being gaslit and the implied solution was 'find the gaslighter in your life'

this causes me distress and if i was counseling for a living i think i'd implode

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