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i just asked a tiny child if they wanted a sticker, in response they shouted NO! and farted. i think we could all learn a valuable lesson from this boundary-setting

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opinion-having about social media leftism 

my relationship with other 'leftists' has become way less frustrating since i stopped using reddit and discord for anything other than gardening.
i used online leftist communities to feel less alone, but the tendency always seems to drift towards doomer/acceleration mindsets, and incredible amounts of hostility. whoever is the most acerbic and radical wins the subreddit for the day, and whoever's the loudest takes control of the discord server.

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the concept of meltdown may implies that for 11 months out of 12 people are acting somewhat normal. and i've been on the internet and i don't think that's true

omg a random link, i love clicking these. i will certainly feel affinity with whoever created this content AND the person who couldn't be assed to explain it to me in plain language

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pleased to announce that the baby radical who used to text me 'did you see that thing on instagram' with no link has switched over to just sending me contextless tiktok links, also via text

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my self-driving car got hit with ransomware and it refuses to stop going until i pay up :/ i'm already halfway to nevada. i just wanted to go the drug store :/

quick, someone link me to an anarchist library piece about how anarchy /must/ fail in order to be true anarchy, preferably translated from italian

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anarchy is doomed to fail, i got locked out of my matrix account and i feel very hard done by

there is a man in the hospital lobby who thinks he is successfully hiding a tiny dog in his jacket. i can see the dog's tail sticking out but i never snitch

i spend a lot of time describing fundie stuff to secular (or relatively secular) people and sometimes i feel like a doomsday prophet constantly ringing the 'evangelicals are an evil cult with a far more complex and strategic ideology than you want to think' bell

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my eyes roll back into my head as i claw into my evangelical white girl memories

sometimes while she's still sleeping i get up, do the dishes, and go back to bed. then when it's her turn to get up she sees the dishes, flips out, comes running back here to kiss me, and i win

it feels so wrong to pay for shoe repair because A Cobbler sounds like a luxury service

not revolution 

i want my hair to grow out as soon as possible because i had no idea how much weirder straight women would be around me now that i look like a dyke

mm. my coworker has spent the last 30 minutes alternating between: why this transphobic SNL gag is really, really funny, and doing that weird straight-ally thing where she keeps prompting me to tell her that gender jokes *are* okay 'these days'

my friend has invited THE most pedantic know-it-all tech boy into my discord and i am annoyed

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I have just launched a website inspired by for Spanish speakers:

I deployed using Hugo, GitHub and Netlify. Quite simple to set up and much easier to edit than plain HTML. I hope people like it ❤️

mild eye/body talk 

got an eyelash out of my eye, unfortunately i had hot sauce on my fingers AMA

wow babe, can't believe your eyes were blue before and now they're brown! so honoured to have witnessed this

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Someone is trying to catfish me and they don't even have the decency to use pictures of the same woman

explicit kink/sex whatever 

it's gonna be awkward during the raids on the bunkers of the wealthy because your best strategy person is definitely going to be a spanko.

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