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i just asked a tiny child if they wanted a sticker, in response they shouted NO! and farted. i think we could all learn a valuable lesson from this boundary-setting

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opinion-having about social media leftism 

my relationship with other 'leftists' has become way less frustrating since i stopped using reddit and discord for anything other than gardening.
i used online leftist communities to feel less alone, but the tendency always seems to drift towards doomer/acceleration mindsets, and incredible amounts of hostility. whoever is the most acerbic and radical wins the subreddit for the day, and whoever's the loudest takes control of the discord server.

ableism! in my damn hospital! 

maintenance gave us a 5 minute warning before shutting off power to my entire wing of the hospital, and when i asked them what i should do if any wheelchair users came for their appointments, one of them went 'oh shit' and ran to call their boss

taxi drivers frequently restore my hope for the world

this is why bathrooms in fancy hotels don't have trash can liners. the atavistic thrill of flinging your gross refuse wherever

the best way to go undetected among the rich is to behave in a way that's a little tasteless

if you ever just watch rich people in rich-people spaces you'll notice how they just do whatever

i read the absolute worst take today but i will not put it anywhere because what if straight people see it

cried at the dentist today like a true antifa supersoldier

in other news, i am testing out how long i can stay in a bougie coffee chain by virtue of having purchased a scone

someone should tell coffee chains that their seating in poor areas of town is subpar to their locations in the bougie areas! i am currently half conscious in an actual leather armchair and i'd like this luxury at all my coffee chains, thank you

work buddy for the day is just completely giddy because she's getting married on Saturday, it's so lovely to witness


filling out the bio section of my profile with 'my fridge has been making threatening noises and i have no plan'

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sometimes i feel guilty for not donating to all of the donation posts and gofundmes because holy fuck, healthcare in the united states, and then i remember that i'm doing sex work outside my full time job to pay these bills

i refuse to read up on how to illustrate fire, architecture (on fire), or trees (on fire), which is too damn bad because i'm drawing a burning church in the center of a forest fire

blank-slate straight people provide an illustration of just how easy it is to comprehend bisexuality if you just chill out

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depending on who's asking, i'm actually pretty happy explaining 'how lesbians have sex'!

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