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opinion-having about social media leftism 

my relationship with other 'leftists' has become way less frustrating since i stopped using reddit and discord for anything other than gardening.
i used online leftist communities to feel less alone, but the tendency always seems to drift towards doomer/acceleration mindsets, and incredible amounts of hostility. whoever is the most acerbic and radical wins the subreddit for the day, and whoever's the loudest takes control of the discord server.

the infoshop where i hang out got a delivery of donated zines from someone's collection, so i sorted them - my favourites are two made by a little kid, telling the tale of 'poopy jay'. surprisingly violent!

i should scan them so everyone can partake.

i finally started The Dispossessed last night, wound up staying up late to read it, and i'm three-quarters through this morning. i'm really into it so far!

essential native forests, massive ancient trees, from roots to crown, learning that Tasmania is pioneering anti-logging direct action activism, visited today with friends to record for #radioartzone

for now, i feel like it's best to simply warn people to keep their heads up when they hear about Save Old Growth, or find they're organizing with someone associated with them. there are usually more sincere actors out there than dubious ones.

however, i'm not liking what i see. at the very least, let this be a sharp reminder that noble intentions don't mean your co-conspirators know /how/ to keep you physically safe.

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this region has a tendency toward cults of personality/cults in general, something I don't fully understand. i know one of the leaders of SOG, and from what i understand he's been telling beginner activists they need to be willing to die for the movement. i'm curious if this will be a reality check.

i'd rather address worrisome behaviour by people who understand themselves as activists than declare a whole organization an op, but I think the effect is sometimes identical anyway.

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traffic actions are really dangerous. i think i spend 70% of my action planning near cars on safety.

what i'm worried about is that SOG has been incredibly blasé about this risk, and talk about risking people's lives as part of their 'movement' with seemingly zero concern about getting better at mitigating that danger.

XR was already pretty bad for encouraging uninformed people to be arrested for no good reason, but i'm creeped out what feels like an encouragement of martyrdom by SOG.

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a quick summary - SOG built one of those classic traffic-blocking tripods that sit about 12 metres above the ground, put someone on top of it in front of traffic... a car whipped by, the protestor fell, shattering his pelvis. he'll need multiple surgeries and his life is changed forever.

this isn't the first time SOG has put together 'plans' that are essentially 'block traffic until they drag us out, to Raise Awareness'. they've been attacked by motorists, had a bunch of rough arrests, etc.

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it's probably not doxxing myself too much to say I'm on the west coast in 'canada', and so I keep a semi-interested eye on environmental orgs near me & campaigns like fairy creek and ongoing Wet'suwet'en resistance to the pipeline. i've watched XR make a real mess of their civil disobedience dreams here, and retreat after becoming very unpopular with hostile /and/ sympathetic communities.

the latest group imo is 'Save Old Growth', who love playing in traffic:

my wife feels that 8am is 'too early' for me to excitedly explain the french republican calendar

apparently, some of my recent wheatpastes were not well-received. luckily i have learned a lot from the process and will be making my next ones bigger and more adversarial ♡

also i want points from @riotmuffin

im glad that assassin's creed and our flag means death both feature my distant ancestor stede bonnet. a swashbuckling failson inspiration

anyway i love book fair season bcs i love vicarious drama

tankie humour aka death threats 

a :anarchismtrans: friend of mine was making polite conversation with an ML who decided to turn the conversation into funny jokes about killing my friend after using him to win the revolution. like just for no reason

if i were an ML i would probably not jump to the defense of random MLs that i don't know who showed up to an anarchist bookfair, just on the off chance they're the kind of ML who likes to rant about cleansing the streets with anarchist blood. but what do i know

in place of a well thought-through thread about bullshit radiqueer community behaviour, i offer this: people suck

Nice, the #EU gave #Mozilla money to develop an offline, privacy friendly translation engine, and it's been released!

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