We appreciate your patience as we try to iron out some of these issues. In the meantime, please make use of user-level tools like blocking and muting, and please allow us at least 24 hours to address things that come up.


Your kolektiva.social moderation team

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We think that the scale of this problem has been considerably overblown, although ultimately we respect people's decisions to do what they need to do. In any case, we had a meeting today and will be announcing new policies soon. We are also looking to increase the size of our moderation team, given that we are all quite busy with our own regular political projects.

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Eine Ankündigung von kolektiva.social:


Dear comrades & other users of kolektiva.social,

As you may have noticed, the sudden success of our little kolektiva.social endeavour, and the large inflow of new accounts have indeed overwhelmed us, and we have struggled to stay on top of moderation. This has negatively affected some users' experiences, leading some users to leave our instance, and a small number of admins to block our instance entirely.


A collective effort to offer federated social media to anarchist collectives and individuals in the fediverse. Registrations are open. Kolektiva.social is made by anarchists and anti-colonialists, for the social movements and for liberation!