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anarchists detained for anti war sentiment in azerbaijan. no war between nations! no peace between classes!

peut-être que j'utiliserai aussi Mastadon pour pratiquer différentes langues, mais peut-être que c'est trop chaotique

i’ve still not parsed what kind of posting i’ll do here vs twitter (open to suggestions) bit i have a feeling i’ll do way more anarchy posting

absolutely not being sarcastic when i say i love that i can come here and find this

Hey everyone, thanks for joining!

We have a little ask:
To keep up with the storage demand we could really use a pair of SSDs like Samsung 860 (EVO or PRO) 4 TB. If you can help us out please reply to this thread and together we can keep this instance running! Solidarity!

an enemy can be defeated before the day of the battle even begins or before they even reach the battleground

they may have places they gather to drink the night before, or places they rest before reaching the projected zone of conflict

think logistically. how can you disrupt their communications, their transportation, etc?

how can you defeat them without even fighting?

i gotta get other shit done first but i want to start resource posting so bad lol

i will not be fedposting here and neither should you lol

if certain reporting is to be believed the police operation that killed breonna was directly in the service of developers/capitalists trying to gentrify the area. they too are party to the murder and a great deal of other violence no doubt.

Only one out of the three murders of Breonna Taylor was indicted, for Wonton Endangerment.

Once again, this proves that justice, or revenge, will never emerge from the State. How could the State attack the very organization that allows the State to exist?

The elimination of the police will only occur when we force them out of our communities. When we end the occupation of our streets ourselves!

driving the cops out is the only workable solution i see here

Otro texto que recomiendo encarecidamente es How It Might Should Be Done, que para mí es una de las mejores piezas sobre los disturbios actuales en los Estados Unidos y está disponible en español aquí:

another piece i highly recommend is a transcript of the talk How It Might Should Be Done which to me is once of the best pieces about the current unrest in the united states and is available in several languages here:

highly recommend this annotated collection of texts for anyone trying to do think critically about how it is to be done, particularly the section relating to the military theorist john boyd and also the 36 stratagems

glad i don’t have to worry about kautskyists on here

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