tonight cops killed yet another black man in washington state. gunned him down while he was running away. he was a loving father. the community is in the streets already. acab.

unfolding now: mother of , a black man who was recently killed by cops in dc, confronts the dc police as their building comes under attack

lincoln oversaw the largest hanging in US history. where 38 dakota were hung for fighting for their ppl’s freedom.

absolutely not being sarcastic when i say i love that i can come here and find this

driving the cops out is the only workable solution i see here

another piece i highly recommend is a transcript of the talk How It Might Should Be Done which to me is once of the best pieces about the current unrest in the united states and is available in several languages here:

highly recommend this annotated collection of texts for anyone trying to do think critically about how it is to be done, particularly the section relating to the military theorist john boyd and also the 36 stratagems

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