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The climate is heading towards increasing catastrophe. ICE is kidnapping and torturing people. The police continue their war against black people and freedom-loving dissidents the world over.

The answers to these problems clearly do not come from the ruling class as they have proven again and again racing to the bottom. As dark as it may seems, there are remedies revealing themselves.

Reforestation, wetland remediation, defending ocean life, etc are proven methods of carbon sequestration. And thus and water defense play a role as well. The other proven method is not the ballot box, which makes laws too slow to stop the lumbering ecocide machine, but direct action that disrupts the logistics of ecologically devastating resources extraction.


When it comes to the cops and la migra, logistics also are vital to their functioning. It is also clear that abolition won’t come from above. But we must remember these are all also social struggles first and foremost. We protect us is a promise and a threat.

The struggles for thriving communities and ecosystems are not separate and they share a common enemy: the ruling class, their police, and their world.

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