tonight cops killed yet another black man in washington state. gunned him down while he was running away. he was a loving father. the community is in the streets already. acab.

International call for solidarity with revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa

Llamado internacional a la solidaridad con el anarquista revolucionario Abtin Parsa

Διεθνής έκκληση για αλληλεγγύη με τον επαναστάτη αναρχικό Abtin Parsa

unfolding now: mother of , a black man who was recently killed by cops in dc, confronts the dc police as their building comes under attack

catering phrasing to “normal marxist” communists on twitter is tiring

carceral capitalism by jackie wang 

"For Fanon, it is precisely the element of risk taht makes militant action more urgent: liberation can be won only by risking one's life. Militancy is not just tactically necessary; its dual objective is to transform people and 'fundamentally alter' their being by emboldening them, removing their passivity, and cleansing them of 'the core of despair' crystallized in their bodies."

pg 285

When it comes to the cops and la migra, logistics also are vital to their functioning. It is also clear that abolition won’t come from above. But we must remember these are all also social struggles first and foremost. We protect us is a promise and a threat.

The struggles for thriving communities and ecosystems are not separate and they share a common enemy: the ruling class, their police, and their world.

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Reforestation, wetland remediation, defending ocean life, etc are proven methods of carbon sequestration. And thus and water defense play a role as well. The other proven method is not the ballot box, which makes laws too slow to stop the lumbering ecocide machine, but direct action that disrupts the logistics of ecologically devastating resources extraction.

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found on telegram:

The climate is heading towards increasing catastrophe. ICE is kidnapping and torturing people. The police continue their war against black people and freedom-loving dissidents the world over.

The answers to these problems clearly do not come from the ruling class as they have proven again and again racing to the bottom. As dark as it may seems, there are remedies revealing themselves.

lincoln oversaw the largest hanging in US history. where 38 dakota were hung for fighting for their ppl’s freedom.

i don’t care if it’s ressentiment, i hate michael jenkins moynihan and his nazi loving soul

douglas pearce’s western civ apologism now reads like goth proud boy rhetoric lol

no matter who wins the election in the US it will be a flash point. don’t get caught off guard. take advantage.

not subjugated by passions but subsumed by ecstasy

uninstalled twitter for productivity this weekend

some of that energy may be siphoned here lol

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