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A trailer for the second season of our news show, System Fail. New episodes out May 2nd 2022

We've been working hard all week to bring you a fresh episode of System Fail.

Fuck, marry, kill:

Gabriel Boric, Bernie Sanders, or Justin Trudeau?

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32 years ago today, on May 24 1990, Judi Bari was bombed by the FBI in Oakland, CA. The feds planted an explosive device in her car in a bungled assassination attempt reminiscent of COINTELPRO tactics. She, along with Darryl Cherney, survived the blast. Pigs never conducted a real investigation of the attack, instead blaming Bari and Cherney for the explosion.

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Socialist alternative out here condemning janes revenge because “the problem is too big to address one Molotov at a time”

So instead of making more molotovs they try to fight the right by having one boring ass newspaper editorial committee meeting at a time

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@subMedia "After 8.5 years in prison, after all these arbitrary actions against me, I decided to put an end to my 11 years of suffering, by putting a stop to the practice of pre-trial detention, or the additional punishment of escape through legal loopholes. After 5 more months of pre-trial detention, I start a hunger strike for my release..."

"…until the destruction of the last cage

Giannis Michailidis,

a pre-trial prisoner in Malandrinos Prison"

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If you're using the official Mastodon app, you can now view your server's Local timeline:

1.Click 🔍 "Search" at the bottom

2. Click on the "Community" tab at the top

The Local timeline shows all the public posts by people on that server. It works best on small, themed servers, and helps you find interesting posts and people.

On larger servers like, the Local timeline will be an unreadable firehose though.

You can look at other servers' local timelines on their websites (more info at

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #LocalTimeline #MastodonApp

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Las pruebas vinculan a la Embajada de Canadá en México, el gobierno de Chiapas y al edil de Chicomuselo que operaron para callar la lucha contra mina canadiense
#embajadadecanada #canada #mineracanadiense #avispamidia #Chiapas #MarianoAbarca

A call for more active support and solidarity for the captured heroes of the 2020 George Floyd uprising.

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OK we're officially back on @kolektiva ... we were having some technical issues with this platform but they've been resolved. We're going to be doing some retroactive posting to catch up!

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Police in made brutal arrests this weekend as hundreds - including pre-school students - marched against . Today as police attempted to evict tree-sitters while promoting tired claims of "outside agitators," one local resident fires back.

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A brief look at the insurrection in If you haven't seen the full episode of System Fail yet, check it out at:

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