Why should i care about HBO. Payroll and paywall of elite idiots. You got trolled. Ignore the bait bruh

@Zapatit0_Z0RR0 we care because we're out here trying to spread anarchism and it doesn't help when garbage like this is what a huge section of the population considers anarchy.

Pyotr Kropotkin in Spanish "La conquista del Pan" opened my eyes. I think more old school anarchist theory should be highlighted. Be proud of anarchist theory and writers, dont be reactionary to the impulses of corporate doublethink. IF someone has an HBO paid account i consider them already a lost cause. Lmfao

Sending you and Stim "el estimulador" love and rage. Whatever happened to Stim?

@Zapatit0_Z0RR0 The person who did his voice stepped back from subMedia, so we gave Stim a proper send off.


@subMedia I have seen neither this nor the new series on flix but a friend was telling me about it and I looked up the description and immediately I went on a massive rant about anarcho capitalism not being a form of anarchism but rather a form of libertarianism.. I'll check out this vid to see whether the series is going to be worth wasting my rage on by watching it :BlobCatKnife:

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