@subMedia I witnessed this in Ottawa as a kid in the 90s. During the summer they do a "changing of the guard ceremony" every weekend? Every day? For tourists. I got dragged there as a very small child on a very hot day and we saw one of the ceremonial guards who dress up like British Royal guards faint from the heat. I think it happens *all* the time 😂

@mart0 @subMedia Stephen Harper changed the guard uniform style to the modern forces uniform. one of very few, even if pretty insignificant, good things he did. possibly partly because the fur to make the hats became too expensive on top of already being impractical af.

i don't remember seeing any fainting when i've been to see the changing of the guard, but it doesn't surprise me at all. i'm surprised there hasn't been a lot more.

@subMedia I mean, I don’t like him that much either, but they couldn’t have gotten him medical attention more urgently?

@Byte yeah we hear that. If this is how they treat their guards just imagine how little they care about the rest of their subjects.

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