@subMedia and here we are chatting normally and entering rooms with little effort

@subMedia traduccion.

Los empleados de Facebook no pueden ingresar a la sede porque sus credenciales no funcionan, y los que ya están adentro no pueden ingresar a varias salas porque el acceso está vinculado a través de IoT (Internet de las cosas) y, por lo tanto, pasa por las mismas rutas de DNS que ya no existen. :


@subMedia Rarely seen a better practical argument for decentralization.

@subMedia Rofl, there is a god and she has a darn good sense of humour.

@subMedia I remember when Amazon West went down, I coulnd't turn my lightswitches off.

I mean... I had to GET UP to turn them off with my hands.

@subMedia Image caption: Twitter post saying facebook employees can't enter the facilities and those already inside can't enter various rooms because everything is linked to their Facebook account.

@subMedia Internet-linked credentials don't work when the internet is down, who would have thought? 🤪

Wait, let me bring my popcorn... 🍿 :blobreach:

@subMedia image description: a screenshot of a twitter timeline under the search tag "#FacebookDown". The tweet shown shows screenshots of two other tweets. They state that the systems that allow employees to enter buildings or move throughout them with their key cards are not working. The IoT of key card systems use DNS routes that no longer exist. The handles mentioned in the tweet include @leahmcelrath, @sheeraf, and @kevincollier.

@subMedia Unfortunely I was unable to give you the Nitter link because I was flooded 😒

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