@subMedia and here we are chatting normally and entering rooms with little effort

@subMedia traduccion.

Los empleados de Facebook no pueden ingresar a la sede porque sus credenciales no funcionan, y los que ya est谩n adentro no pueden ingresar a varias salas porque el acceso est谩 vinculado a trav茅s de IoT (Internet de las cosas) y, por lo tanto, pasa por las mismas rutas de DNS que ya no existen. :


@subMedia Image caption: Twitter post saying facebook employees can't enter the facilities and those already inside can't enter various rooms because everything is linked to their Facebook account.

@subMedia Internet-linked credentials don't work when the internet is down, who would have thought? 馃お

Wait, let me bring my popcorn... 馃嵖 :blobreach:

@subMedia Unfortunely I was unable to give you the Nitter link because I was flooded 馃槖

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