Check out the latest episode of the Circle A podcast, featuring an extended interview with @simaleerbg of the Marooncast, where she talks about the rise of Black anarchism in the US, anti-fascism, and the fallout from the Capitol Hill riots.

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@subMedia @simaleerbg
Not to knock on y'all, but I wish people would stop calling that scene a "riot".

A riot is something which evolves spontaneously, organically; what we saw last month at the Capitol was a putsch — it was organized for weeks, they had a specific target, and they moved on it.

Granted, it resembled a putsch in a Mel Brooks movie, but was still a goddamn putsch, not a riot.

@flugennock @simaleerbg

I heard someone refer to it as the Coors Light Putsch, and thought that had a nice ring to it... lol. I think it might be giving the majority of participants a bit too much credit though. And it's sort of a matter of semantics, in my opinion.

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