Presenting our brand new Circle (A) podcast!

In our first ever episode we connect with Skyler Williams to find all about

Listen and subscribe now on your podcast platform of choice!

@m @subMedia Yeah hosting it on Apple makes it difficult to listen to/download. Soundcloud / Funkwhale would be nice.

@subMedia FYI there is a fediverse non-centralized platform available for podcasts called #funkwhale. It can either be self-hosted like #peertube or used on a community instance (for free) and still allows it to plug into the larger podcast stores, so users can follow or subscribe like with their usual podcatchers.

Even better is since it uses #activitypub it can be followed from #mastodon or any other fediverse client:)

Avoid data imperialism! Choose non-corporate platforms.

@subMedia Can you post a direct RSS link? My podcast software isn't turning it up and the episodes aren't included in the main submedia feed.

@nocko @lps @katnjiapus @m

Thanks all... we'll look into FunkWhale.

Here's a link to the RSS feed:

Still just getting things off the ground, so appreciate the feedback!

@subMedia @nocko @katnjiapus @m

I appreciate your openness to input😎 👍 best of luck!

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