#3: The Ballot & The Bullet.

In this episode we look at the continuing racial tensions in the United Snakes, the political violence in Kenosha and Portland, and its effect on the upcoming US presidential elections (we produced this before Trump caught the rona, so maybe they'll just cancel them now...who knows?!). We end things off with a look at the ongoing uprising in Belarus, and an interview with Minsk-based anarchist, Maria.

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@subMedia I like sharing your videos to encourage more liberal friends to join up. But doctoring Bidens speech at the start has Fucked it for this one! Most people I know get turned off by encouraging acts of violence. Yes self defence is always necessary but by encouraging chaos you instantly alienate loads of people I'm trying to win over. Can you not see that. Everything else is great. Ditch the glorification of violence PLEASE. :anarchoheart3:

@PhilZil23 Hey Phil. Thanks for sharing our work, but we're gonna keep it at 11 when it comes to encouraging rioting in the US. We do have other stuff in our catalogue that could be a bridge for some of your friends who are starting down the path of radicalization but aren't to the point where they'd find the Biden joke funny. It'd suggest checking out the A is for Anarchy series if you haven't already.

Jay that was shot in Portland and Jay that said that the people getting stabbed on the max deserved it are two days different people

@Macha Yeah, we've been informed of that. Should have done more research, but we were going off an old Rose City Antifa post. We're going to add a note to the description where we've posted the video.

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