Given FB's recent purge of anarchist and anti-fascist pages and accounts, it's LONG past time that we started building alternatives. To this end, Kolektiva has launched a new Mastodon server at Check it out and sign up for a free account today.


Haven't heard of Pleroma before.... thanks for the heads up. What are the benefits of this over the standard Mastodon set-up?

@subMedia Apparently it has less moving parts/dependencies plus with the latest release they've introduced chat functionality.

Not a big fan of the UI myself but just another option, both use Activitypub allowing users to follow, comment etc will other Fedi apps like peertube, pixelfed, etc, etc:)

@subMedia I really hope you decide to go the social instance route in addition to peertube, it's really a match made in heaven. Plus, for non-technical users it would be a quick way to mobilize / gather like-minded people to your own community on the fediverse:) Maintain the corporate presence but only to introduce the fedi to more peeps.

Not a fan but is doing just that on the other side of the spectrum.

@subMedia not an expert myself but there are many here that would be more than willing to help I'm sure:)


We do have a fledgling team of developers and more tech-minded comrades involved in Kolektiva at the moment. We're setting up a GitLab and trying to firm up a better comms framework, but will post more information and a broader callout once it's ready to go.

@subMedia Hi! I prefer #Pleroma ❤️ For me it’s less invasive (no elephants in every corner). And you can choose Pleroma FE or Mastodon FE. Here, “What is Pleroma?” :)


That's embarrassing, I thought this message came from your peertube account...great to see you have mastodon instance:)


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