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A trailer for the second season of our news show, System Fail. New episodes out May 2nd 2022

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✊ Support anarchist revolutionaries!

10 Belarusian anarchist got more than 90 years in prison in total.

🙏 Donate to pay for the lawyers and care packages

In our era of universal access and intense social media saturation, it’s easy to take things for granted. But if we want to see anarchist projects grow, our movements must make sure they have the resources they need. And we’re no different.

See you in the streets!

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It may sound cliche at this point, but we find ourselves at a critical moment in history.

As people around the world rise up against the worsening effects of capitalist crisis and ecological collapse, building and sustaining independent anarchist media infrastructure is more important than ever before.

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And we live for this shit. So thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

We still need one final push to help us reach our minimum fundraising target of $1500 per month. So if you were thinking of supporting us in the past, now is the time!

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We’re now in the final days of our 2022 fundraising drive. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and all those who have supported us over the years. Without your generous support, we can’t keep doing what we do.

Woman, Life, Freedom! New video in solidarity with the revolution in Iran.

A collaboration with

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captain : ( a o ) still anarchist Pia Klemp !

The MV Louise Michel and our crew of activists and volunteers actively resist the discriminatory power structures of nationalism, racism, patriarchy and capitalism. The MV Louise Michel intends to uphold maritime law by rescuing anyone in peril without prejudice. In solidarity with people on the move, we are working against any policy that willingly lets ‘non-Europeans’ drown in its waters. We are fighting for freedom of movement for everyone, because as Louise Michel said, “Something besides charity is needed in order to provide bread for everyone.” Humanitarian aid is not the only answer.

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Hello everyone in the ! IGD turns 7 this summer but we're also in a jam and need to raise about $2K by the end of the month. We try to keep asking for funds to a minimum, but if you enjoy and appreciate this platform and the podcast/radio show, please consider donating. Head to to give us a one time donation or to sign up monthly.

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This summer, IGD turned 7! As things heat up again on the streets - we're more excited than ever to continue to be an engaging autonomous media platform. We're also in a crisis + need to raise $2k by the end of the month to continue. Help us meet our goal!

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Holy shit hadn't talked to deedos in a while and their voice is so deep now! So happy the hormones are working out for them! @subMedia

Bank robberies in , an uprising in and a little surprise for a poorly named police station in Mexico in this, the 15th installment of System Fail.

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The Kurdish youth today across the cities of Rojhilat Kurdistan seems more organized then the days before!

Serhildan - Revolt!
Tolhildan - Revenge!

For more:

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Two tears in a bucket, fuck it.

Our Instagram account has been Zucked under the guise of "promoting dangerous individuals and organizations." Our last post was promoting a mutual aid event in Portland.

Please encourage your friends to add and follow us here - let's build up this space.

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