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A trailer for the second season of our news show, System Fail. New episodes out May 2nd 2022

Trouble 2: Bash the Fash chronicles resistance to the current wave of fascism around the globe. View the full episode at

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5 years ago today, hordes of alt-right shitlords and other assorted white supremacists descended on Charlottesville VA, threw a temper tantrum, and murdered Heather Heyer while injuring many others.

To follow along with our progress and see the limited edition gear only available to people who sign up to be monthly sustainers, head on over to

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Reminder that our aim this year is to rebuild our monthly sustainer base. Sign up to be a monthly sustainer at

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A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We're sitting pretty at just over 40% of our fundraising goals.

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FBI raiding Trump's house is some real Alien Vs Predator business.

On today, the second anniversary of 1492 Land Back Lane we're rewatching System Fail 4: Land Back which covers recent years of Ingidenous Resistance in so-called Canada

Up for silent auction: the only surviving certified Seditious Materials(tm) tshirt size M. Put in bids all weekend. To top off our dire financial situation we just lost hundreds of dollars of merch to the Kkklanada border patrol so maybe help us out a little?

If any of these apply to you, come see us at our table. We'd love help filling out our card

Catch us tomorrow night in Montreal with a sneak peak of our full length documentary The Social Empire as well as a selection of other subMedia films.

We're bummed to report that a bunch of the merch that we printed up for the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is now sitting in a Canadian Border Services dumpster after being declared 'seditious material'. Sorry folks! Check out our table anyway.

"Smashing cameras is not enough. Many of the snitches who were instrumental in putting people in cages for years still rub shoulders with leftists in Portland and continue to put the freedom of others in jeopardy." New article on Rose City Counterinfo rosecitycounterinfo.noblogs.or

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announcing the 2022 montreal anarchist bookfair party! location tba! 10pm to late! boosts v appreciated! :party_parrot: :nihil_boost:

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"While has proven to be a pathetic excuse for a documentary on anarchism and its theories and practical applications, it is shaping up to be a decent documentary on how flawed and invalid anarcho-capitalism is. Anarcho-capitalism is not an anarchist ideology but rabid individualism where those outside of Olympus must fend for themselves. The only freedom they fight for is the freedom to continue to build a surplus of capital..."

To follow along with our progress and to see the limited edition shirts and hoodies for this year’s fundraiser go to or click on the link in out bio

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We’re a couple of weeks into our fundraiser and at around 1/3 of our goal and we’re starting to see some flames on our progress bar cop car. If you want to see the flames grow, head on over to

On day 67 of his hunger strike, a Greek court has once again rejected Giannis Michailidis' appeal for release from his indefinite limbo of preventative detention. If Michailidis' dies, you can be sure that his death will not go unanswered. Anarchists in Greece are calling for international comrades to target Greek embassies and Greek capital. Solidarity is urgently needed.

Thanks again for your time and consideration. The sooner we reach our fundraising goals the sooner we can get back to doing what we love – supporting anarchist and anticolonial movements through video production. <3 the crew at subMedia

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As we fundraise, we’re staying hard at work on our full length documentary, The Social Empire. Keep an eye out for previews in the coming weeks!

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Don’t forget, is you sign up to sustain us with $10 or more per month we’ll send you a t-shirt. $20 a month or more gets you a hoodie.

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