Our video report on the uprisings sweeping across sparked by water riots in . A collaboration with our comrades from @Antimdia1@twitter.com & @asranarshism@twitter.com.

Great new video from our comrades at @antimidia about the destruction of colonial statues and churches taking part across the so-called Americas. With English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.


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Congratulations to those in São Paulo who burned the statue of Borba Gato, a 17th-century perpetrator of colonial violence.

To quote our comrades in Brazil, "If monuments still honor slavers and rapists, it is because the system they built is still standing." Let's take it down.


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You can keep your public Mastodon posts and profile out of search engines by going to:

Preferences > Other > Opt out of search engine indexing (tick the box, then click Save Changes)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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An exciting new initiative called the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center (CSRC) has just launched to help anarchists share tips and best practices for dealing with emergent technologies and state surveillance measures.


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Anarchist News: **From Embers: Fairy Creek**

" Fairy Creek Jul 19, 2021 A discussion with an anarchist participant in the Fairy Creek blockades on so-called Vancouver Island. Further reading: Five Months of Direct Action... (No More City) The Return of the War in the Woods? (BC Blackout) Desert (The Anarchist Library) Tags: From EmberspodcastFairy CreekCanadavancouver"


#anarchism #bot

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Free webinar this Thurs @ 6pm EST on cell phone security culture. You can register at the link below.


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Some notes on the design of this sticker:

The earliest version of this design appeared on a banner for May Day 2012 in Durham, NC.

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This account will be used to share communiqué of our anti-authoritarian queer squatting platform, building a tiny local place of resistance against environmental destruction and discrimination.

The communiqué will be shared latest the cops show up to destroy our place, and then we need you to spread the info.

Informations will be shared exclusivly here and through our blog.


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:ancomheart: In $hile, "we're building the road as we travel:" Launching films on Kolektiva, accomplices have materialized from the nada, :anarchoheart2: Much love and gratitude to everyone watching and transmitting our 6-year film project: Veins of Resistance in the Kolektiva verse 🏴 @franklopez
@subMedia kolektiva.media/videos/watch/c

Want more information on anti-colonial revolts and why we should ? watch our Trouble Episode 21- "Land and Freedom " sub.media/video/trouble-21-lan

As the remains of more Native kids continue to be discovered at the sites of former Residential Schools, this so-called Canada Day offers a time for reflection and a recommitment to the dismantling of the Canadian state. No pride in genocide.

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Loving the insights by Ashanti Alston on his time in the Black Panthers, in this new series by my peeps @subMedia

Just DROPPED!!! Transmissions: Part One

This episode is a collection of anarchist origin stories from the late 60s through to the early 2000s

Big thanks to everyone who contributed!


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