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In December 2021 heavy rains punished the south of Bahia state in so-called Brazil. Help a black indigenous network in so-called Brazil to rebuild communities after floods. Donate to Teia dos Povos via PayPal at ismeraldosousa@yahoo.com.br

One year ago a bunch of assholes got together and rushed a bunch of bigger assholes at their workplace. And one of them was dressed up like a viking. A cop got beaten to death and someone tazed themselves in the balls. Good times.


An extensive, techno-fuelled riot porn mash up from friends in Germany. Wunderbar!


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Beautiful new video from @antimidia entitled Fin de Ano. Fim do Mundo (End of the year. End of the world), available w English & Spanish subs.


What better way to celebrate the holidays with family than by making and dropping a banner with your loved ones?

From so-called BC: "We put up this banner on Dec 23rd in Burnaby, BC to celebrate the re-occupation of Coyote Camp."

Rimouski 12.21.21 - Une banderole dénonçant les investissements dans les énergies fossile des la Banque Royale du Canada (RBC) a été déployée en solidarité avec les luttes des communautés Wet'suwet'en.

A clip from our new video RECONCILIATION AT GUNPOINT featuring a powerful interview with Layla Staats and Skyler Williams about their arrest on unceded territory & their mistreatment in custody.

Watch the full thing here: bit.ly/3J9i5qc

Layla Staats and Skyler Williams describe their arrest on unceded Cas Yikh territory, and the disgusting lengths that the Canadian state went to try and break their warrior spirits.


"The rage of the oppressed is never the same as the rage of the privileged."

What a tremendous loss. RIP .

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person of the year guy who steered a barge in a dick and balls pattern and then halted international shipping

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Hey all, as you can tell, we've migrated from ACP to kolektiva.social and are thrilled to be here!

We were concerned about the following moderation against @WANaziWatch: kolektiva.social/web/statuses/

We must build infrastructure that is resilient to attacks against our work. To the admins and moderators of kolektiva, thank you for welcoming us here.

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Gitxsan land defenders are still facing legal repression from the rail blockades set up on their unceded territory last year in support of their Wet'suwet'en allies. Shoot them some cash and/or help spread their call for support.


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BREAKING: Train tracks in St-Lambert in are once again blocked in solidarity with nation.

Follow @anticolonialmtl for more info and updates.

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Fred Hampton murdered by da fbi n da chicago pd on this day, December 4, 1969.

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The Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School introductory class is designed for establishing a new generation of revolutionaries. radical-guide.com/listing/kuwa

Dope new track from @leereed in solidarity with the and their struggle to get CGL (the fuck) off the Yintah.


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